City Racing: Free Car Racing Game For PC

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City racer is a free car racing game for PC. The motive of the game is to navigate the car in the busy traffic. If you are a fan of big titles like  GTA Vice City or Need For Speed, then you are definitely going to be disappointed. But the point of interest is, that the game is just about 26 MB and comes for free, whereas other big racing games come at a hefty price, and take a sizable chunk of your hard disk space. So for those who are looking for a game which is small in size, and free at the same time, you guys are in for a great time.

City Racing Map and speedometer

City Racer is an easy game to play. You can use the four directional arrow keys of the keyboard to showcase your driving skills. You get to drive only one car, no fancy choices. There are free garages that you get on your way. When your car takes damage, you can get it repaired, you can even get them painted in different hues, if you want to.

The car speeds up to maximum of 100 kph, you can’t drive rashly (A game that forces you to drive like a sober person, and not a hamster on a high, quite cool if you ask me). Though you can bump into the other cars occasionally, because let’s face it, if that weren’t happening all around, the game would get quite boring. The funny thing is, that sometimes you may get this feeling that the cars are just bumping into each other unnecessarily.

You have a Map on the bottom left corner of your screen to guide your vehicle throughout the city . Oddly, the game starts with a busted car (with smoke and stuff coming out) about to go kaput.

City Racing bumped car.

And that’s pretty much all there’s to it. There are no fancy spine chilling moments, cut-scenes, multiple angle camera replays and things like that.  If you are looking for a car racing game that will offer you a hardcore adrenaline rush, then mark my word “*do not waste your time installing this game”.

However, you can also try these free PC car racing games.

However, considering the small size and the low price (can’t get lower than $0), this game definitely packs a punch.

How To Play City Racer Car Racing Game:

Step 1: The installation part is easy, not much to discuss about. So as the game opens, the first thing that you will have to do is to set your (or your car driver’s) name. The name will be listed as the Driver.

Step 2: Followed by this you have to select the “New Game” option, if you are playing for the first time. There are three more options in the same window with which you can access: Graphics, Audio, and Controls. You can tweak the graphical settings of the game but not the controllers.

City Racer start game

Step 3: Press Enter. Within 30 seconds or so, you will see a completely trashed car come on screen for you to drive. The car will stop itself in the garage. Get the repair work done there, after that you can control it via the control keys. Feel free to bump it into something else (only thing to do here!).

City Racing Garage

You can use the following hot keys to control your car in the game.

  • Accelerate: Up Arrow Key.
  • Back: Down Arrow Key.
  • Turn Right: Right Arrow Key.
  • Turn Left: Left Arrow Key.
  • Hand Brake: Space Bar.
  • Return To The Road: R.
  • Back View: B.
  • Driver Information: I.
  • Racer Rating List: Tab.
  • Menu: Esc.
  • Help: F1.

City Racing Game options

That’s all there’s to it. Now that wasn’t really that hard, was it?


  • Free
  • Average Interface that doesn’t require a monstrous gaming rig
  • Easy handling
  • Small download size


  • No Missions, at all
  • Gets Boring after sometime. 

My Verdict

As I told you earlier that if you are looking for full on, adrenaline-rush inducing car racing game, then this is not that game. However if you’re game (pun intended) for a small game that’s fun to play and an effective time killer, do give City Racer a try.

Get Your City Racing Here.

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