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Skimzee is a very simple and free online social search platform for searching stuff over news websites, Twitter, Wikipedia, and YouTube. This Twitter search engine is a great place to explore what’s happening around the globe and in what context.

The summary slider is a feature included over the website to shorten/lengthen the summary of the search results. Using this is very simple and quite fun. Skimzee online social search is focused on people, their views and events happening around. In the present section, we have placed a short review on features and options of social search engine. Have a look …

Getting Started Over Skimzee Online Social Search Service:

It’s very simple with no requirement for creating an account or performing some login. You require visiting the homepage and utilizing the search box placed in the top-right section of webpage. On your first visit, Skimzee will show results for an automatically selected popular phrase/keyword.

Performing Social Search over Skimzee:

Skimzee is more like a combination of Twitter search engine, Wikipedia search engine, a news search engine and for YouTube. The procedure is very simple where the user requires following the steps placed below.

  • Enter the keyword in the search box and hit the enter button over keyboard.
  • In a few seconds, the search result will be presented to you from social channels.
  • Rest is an easy task where you require to click the link  and view its content.

You will notice that twitter searches appear in blue, YouTube in grey, news sites in green and Wikipedia in purple. This way you’ll be able to easily differentiate search-results from various online resources.



There are no limitations as such over Skimzee online social search engine. Yet, there a few things that can be improved:

  • Always, a mixed search-result is obtained and you cannot make individual searches on Skimzee. In other words, the user cannot make YouTube specific searches and  same applies for Wikipedia and twitter.
  • A delay of few seconds while fetching the search results.

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The Final Verdict:

The overall social search experience over Skimzee was quite good. You may say that it offers nothing extraordinary, but for sure Skimzee can fetch you some useful or interesting information. You must consider giving it a try.

* The availability of Google Chrome Browser extension and bookmark button for other web browsers allows users to get summaries of webpages being browsed.

*  One must not blindly trust the twitter tweets and specially the provocative ones.

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