5 Online Color Selector Websites to Design Color Palettes

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Here are 5 online color selector applications which can be utilized to create a custom color palette. These color scheme selectors let you select your main color, and show which other colors can form a part of your color palette so that colors compliment each other.

These HTML color selectors can prove very useful for web designers searching for the color combination to be utilized on their websites. These simple online color scheme designer utilities allow you to experiment with different colors and help you in achieving the perfect colors for your online projects.

You must know that the web browser renders colors on basis of the color code. The possible combinations defining each color individually are 16 million. One will not not utilize them all, but the combination matters a lot to the  look & feel of the webpage. These color selectors let you simply select any color of your choice, and then see which color combinations work best with that.



ColorSchemeDesigner is an online color palette tool with a large color wheel in left section. The right section is reserved for displaying colors. You can select mono, complement, triad, tetrad, analogic or accented analogic control option from the top and rotate the circular disk as per requirement. On rotating the color on the right side will change accordingly.

When  you are satisfied with the obtained combination you can hover mouse over the the colors to note their code. To explore colors at ColorSchemeDesigner click here.

ColorBlender HTML color selector:


ColorBlender is a simple online tool to experiment with color combinations. It lets you know the RGB and HSV combinations that might suit best for your website. In the bottom section there exists there sliders that can be adjusted to obtain desired set of colors. The interesting part about this online color selector application is that it allows you download color-set in ACT and EPS formats. The option for mailing the palette is also also available. You can try ColorBlender here.

ColourGrab Color Scheme Designer:


ColourGrab color scheme designer is another interesting color selector application. Here you provide an online image as input and it decodes the major colors in it. The limitation of ColourGrab  is that it works only for online images. You cannot upload an image and decode its colors. The respective color-codes can be easily copied and utilized in your HTML and CSS files. You can try and test ColourGrab by visiting here.

ColorExplorer Online Color Selector :


ColorExplorer  is the online color selector application with features of ColorBlender and  ColourGrab. The good part is that unlike ColourGrab you can upload your own files to decode colors in them. In addition, you can browse across multiple pre-defined color palettes and implement them directly.  You can explore more about ColorExplorer  by clicking here.

ImageColorPicker HTML Color Selector:


You can utilize the ImageColorPicker to select a color from section of an image to get the HTML code for it. The tool is capable in providing the HTML, HSV, and RGB codes all together. You may directly specify the online URL of the image or upload one from your PC.  After successful loading of image on the interface you can place the mouse pointer at any region of picture and the color at that point will be decoded for you.  For more information on ImageColorPicker, click here.

Here ends the brief discussion on 5 online color selector applications. Now, its up to your discretion to utilize the one that suits you best. Now any online color picker better than these? Let me know in comments below and I will surely check that out.

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