Free YouTube Ideas Generator based on GPT-3 AI

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Ideas Generator is a free website that generates ideas for YouTube videos using GPT-3. This website takes keywords from you and then generates ideas for YouTube videos.

YouTube is the most used and famous platform for audiovisual content. All the creators use this platform to showcase their content. Hence, the competition is tough. Creators need to make better and niche-focused videos. But today, almost everything is available on the internet. Therefore, the creators run out of ideas every once in a while. So today we’ll see an amazing tool that uses AI to generate ideas for YouTube videos. You just need to type in some keywords and the website will generate ideas to make YouTube videos with.

How to use YouTube Idea Generator

Just go to the website of Ideas Generator. The user interface of the website is very minimalistic and simple. There is some introductory text on the home screen. And there is a box under the text where you will write the keywords about the topic. The home looks like this:

youtube ideas generator home screen

Let’s see the whole process in steps.

Step-1: Figuring out keywords and entering them on the website

Figure out the keywords to begin the process. Think of a rough idea for your video. Or think of keywords around your niche. For example, if you are a tech review channel like us, and you want to make videos about new technology, then some key terms regarding the technology will work. And then enter the keywords in the box. I have added a screenshot for the same:

youtube ideas generator keywords box

I typed keywords regarding writing and web3. You can see it in the image above.

Step-2: Generate ideas using the website

Now enter the keywords in the given box on the website. And then click on the “Generate YouTube Ideas” button. The website will generate results in almost no time. Just scroll down the screen to see the results. You can also tweet these results directly on the profile from here. Use the ‘Tweet this’  button. These things are shown in the screenshot below:

youtube ideas generator results

Why Ideas Generator 

Ideas Generator uses GPT-3 model, unlike many other AI-based language tools. GPT-3 is the third-generation language prediction model in the GPT-n series. It is one of the most advanced language models. And the predictions made by it are far better than its substitutes in the market. GPT-3 is very popular and also liked by many experts.

Ideas Generator uses this technique to generate ideas using your keywords. Hence, the results are always amazing. The ideas predicted by it are very attractive. And these ideas can help you create interesting videos.


Ideas Generator is a useful website. YouTubers can benefit a lot from this website. I liked this website because of its simple UI. But I would’ve liked it even more if it generated more than 2-3 ideas using the keywords. The results should’ve been more in number and detailed. Apart from this, the website is cool. The ideas generated are helpful. And the website is free.

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