5 Free Websites To Convert Text Case To Multiple Cases

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Convert text case online with these 5 free websites to convert text case to multiple cases. You can use these to change text case to different formats like Title Case, Sentence Case, Upper Case, Lower Case, Hyphen Case, Proper Case, etc.

Sometimes, we accidentally leave the caps lock on, and type some lines, but we don’t have enough time to retype it all correctly. Then we can surely use any tool to directly convert those texts to desired case. For situation like this, I have compiled here a list of 5 free websites to convert text case to multiple cases. Most of these websites not only convert lower case text to upper case and vice versa, but also offer more occasion sensitive text case conversions.

If you wish to directly change case in Google Docs then you must check out Change Case and Capital plugins.



Convertcase.net is a free website to convert text case online. It is a simple website with only one goal of converting text from one case to another. It can convert text into following cases: Sentence case, Lower case, Upper case, Capitalized case, Alternating case, Title case, and Inverse case. You simply need to paste your text in the blank space and select the case you want. This website allows you to copy the Converted text to clipboard directly by clicking on its option. You can also download the converted text from here.



caseconverter.com is another free website to change text from one case to another online. This website allows you to convert text to Upper case, Lower case, Proper case, and Sentence case. Here also you only need to paste your text to the blank space and select the case you want to convert it to. It also allows you to save the converted text to a .txt file.



TitleCase.com is another simple to use online text case converter. This website is also meant for case conversion only, but what makes it better is the fact that it can convert a text into many cases simultaneously. It allows you to convert texts to Title case, AP Style Title case, Upper case, Lower case, Start case, CamelCase, PascalCase, Hyphen-case, and Snake-case (there would be underscore after each word). With editor icon on each converted text window, you can select the corresponding text and then copy it with “Ctrl+C”.


htmlcleaner case converter

html-cleaner.com/case-converter is basically a part of html-cleaner.com that converts any simple text into clean html code. Coming to case conversion, it is pretty good at this too. It allows to convert text to Lower case, Upper case, Sentence, Title case, Alternating, Random, Pascal case, Hyphen-case, and Snake_case. It also allows to reverse last conversion of text by a reverse icon. Here also you simply need to copy your text and Paste it in the black space on the website and then select the case for conversion.



String-fuction.com/case is a free website to convert text case to multiple cases. This a very simple website as it can only convert text in three cases: Upper case, Lower case, and Proper case. However it can simultaneously convert any text into all three cases. After pasting your text, as soon as you select Convert option, the text gets converted into all three cases simultaneously.


All the above websites are pretty simple, and quite useful. If you have a huge amount of text for which you need to change case, these websites can provide to be godsend. Here I think, TitleCase.com is the best out of these 5 websites as it allows you to convert texts in 9 different cases and that too simultaneously.

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