5 Free Sudoku iPad Apps

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Here are 5 Free Sudoku apps for iPad that let you play Sudoku on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. All these iPad Sudoku apps are completely free.

Sudoku Daily Free App for iPad

Sudoku Daily iPad

Sudoku Daily Free App for iPad is the great free Sudoku app for iPad that considers the capabilities of Sudoku players across all difficulty levels, making it enjoyable to novices and experts alike.

This great Sudoku iPad app is loaded with sixteen different difficulty levels all loaded with relevant tutorials that teach players new techniques. The user interface on this free Sudoku iPad app is highly optimized to support fewer touches and has the undo functions loaded.

Apart from playing to win on Sudoku Daily Free App for iPad, this app also help you to improve your skills using the in-built hints and tutorials.

Other top features on this free Sudoku iPad app include the game clock, customizable digit styles, highlighting which helps to discover playing patterns and different choices of colour schemes among others.

With Sudoku Daily Free App for iPad, you can save the game for later or while you try alternatives. The game also automatically saves itself when you switch applications. Generally, this is one of the best apps for playing and learning Sudoku on your iPad.

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Sudoku! Free App for iPad

Sudoku Free iPad

One great Sudoku iPad app that has a unique and refreshing user interface which makes for enjoyable long games is Sudoku! Free App for iPad. Aside this, it is loaded with top features that can be related to by all levels of players.

Sudoku puzzles loaded onto this great free app has four difficulty levels ranging from easy to extreme and you can play in several different modes. You can either play in the “relax mode” or “challenge mode” which is time bound.

The different puzzles on this app also have specific benchmark records so that you can judge how well you are playing regularly. So this app can also help you improve your Sudoku skills while playing.

Sudoku! Free App for iPad is also loaded with unlimited redo and undo functions, including a player that allows listening to music while playing your games. In addition, there are several customizable features on this free app that lets you enjoy the game in your own special way.

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Sudoku Tablet App for iPad

Sudoku Tablet

Sudoku Tablet App for iPad is a great free app that utilizes the power of the tablem optimally as you can get so much done on this app with single and double taps.

On this top app, you can play either the Sudoku X, Sudoku plus, Samurai Sudoku or the good old traditional Sudoku from newspapers. A tap on the menu button on Sudoku Tablet App for iPad can help you choose a new puzzle in seconds.

The in-built hint system can help you get out of a fix when you get stuck and you can enjoy different animations for a more enjoyable playing experience. When you pick wrong numbers during playing, the app lets you know that by highlighting it in red.

Three different difficulty levels are available on this app and you can try it in several modes with different Sudoku formats aside the newspaper mode. Visit the app store right away, download Sudoku Tablet App for iPad for free and enjoy all these great features.

Sudoku OneTouch Free App for iPad

Sudoku One Touch iPad

As the name goes, Sudoku OneTouch Free App for iPad lets you crack Sudoku puzzles using a proprietary one touch inputs system. This trademark feature allows you enter Sudoku solutions using just a single tap of the iPad screen.

Other wonderful features on this top-notch free Sudoku app includes gorgeous customizable themes, game center and leader bords, hints to make you a better player and game statistics among others.

The numbers of Sudoku puzzles loaded onto Sudoku OneTouch Free App for iPad are infinite and the several advance game options makes for a better playing experience. The graphics are also molded in high definition images.

Overall, Sudoku OneTouch Free App for iPad is one of the finest Sudoku app around and freely downloadable from the iPad app store. Enjoy playing and improving your Sudoku skills on the refreshing and techy iPad app.

Sudoku Joy App for iPad

Sudoku Joy iPad

Imagine having a Sudoku iPad app that teaches you new tricks while playing and also generates infinite puzzles with just a single solution. Sudoku Joy App for iPad offers this and keeps you glued to a Sudoku game for hours.

The tutorials and hints on this free Sudoku app make it one of the most enjoyable learning platforms. According to some analysts, you have to find Sudoku Joy App for iPad to become a better player.

Using the game clocks, you can compare your playing prowess with other players or utilize the “solver” feature to crack games. The colour schemes and number digits on this app can be set to different sizes based on choice.

Sudoku Joy App for iPad allows you to go back in time using the undo feature, including automatic and manual pencil marks. Saving is also available so that you can pick up from where you left any time.

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