5 Websites to Play Sudoku Online

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Sudoku is a very popular puzzle game. It comes in all flavors, ranging from easy to difficult. There are many websites that let you play Sudoku online. Here are 5 Best websites to play Sudoku online. You do not need to register or create an online account to play Sudoku online with these websites.

Web Sudoku

Web Sudoku is my favorite website to play Sudoku online. Web Sudoku is completely free. It has thousands of different Sudoku puzzles online, so you can be sure that you will get to play a different Sudoku puzzle every time.

Web Sudoku

Some of the features of Web Sudoku include:

  • Choose difficulty level of online Sudoku puzzle. You can choose between Easy, Moderate, Hard, and Evil.
  • It lets you use the option of Pencil marks, so that you can enter more than one number in a box.
  • You can see the mistakes that you have done by using “How am I doing” button.
  • You can see time taken to solve online Sudoku.
  • It also lets you print Sudoku puzzles if yo want to play Sudoku offline.

Try Web Sudoku here.


SudokuLive is another website that lets you play Sudoku puzzles. This website provides following difficulty levels for Sudoku: Kids, Easy, Difficult, and Wicked. As you play Sudoku online, it keeps highlighting your mistakes. You have an option to turn on or off timer. Try SudokuLive here.

Play Sudoku Online

PlaySudokuOnline.net lets you solve Sudoku puzzles online. It comes with a timer, and it can also show live hints. Apart from that, you can use pen to enter more numbers in cells, and you can check answers at any time. This online Soduku website also lets you save Sudoku puzzles, and reload them later. It lets you choose Easy, Normal or Hard difficulty levels for online Sudoku. Try PlaySudokuOnline.net here.

Sudoku Kingdom

Sudoku Kingdom comes with lot of features to play Sudoku online. It also lets you undo your moves in case you want to change something. Difficultly levels for online Sudoku puzzles include Easy, Medium, Hard, and Very Hard. It also lets you print Sudoku puzzles. Try Sudoku Kingdom here.


Update 4th Feb: We have removed the link for Free-Sudokus as this website was being classified as an attack website by Google.

Free-Sudokus.com comes with 3*2, 3*3, and 3*4 Sudoku puzzles. You can choose any Sudoku format that you want. You can also change size of Sudoku puzzle if you have difficulty reading smaller size text. It can give you hints, and also lets you print Sudoku puzzles. Play online Sudoku with Free-Sudokus.com.

Editor Ratings:
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