5 free Wikipedia iPad Apps

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Here are 5 Free Wikipedia apps for iPad that let you enjoy Wikipedia on iPad. These apps enhance the Wikipedia browsing experience on iPad. All these Wikipedia iPad apps are completely free.

Simplepedia App for iPad

Simplepedia iPad

Searching for top notch articles, expose’s, and relevant information on events and personalities has become much easier on the iPad with Simplepedia App for iPad. This is one great app that helps you to focus on and digesting the information you need.

Top features on this free Wikipedia iPad app include the ability to auto-save articles and images for offline reading, simple adjustment of font sizes and enabling of hyphenation for compound words.

Simplepedia App for iPad supports over seventy global languages and has a table of contents or chapter selector in all its articles to aid navigation. This means you can always move straight to the information piece you need.

This app is freely downloadable from the iPad app store and is loaded with multiple search levels and language switching. You can search for a full article using specific keywords and also do an in-page search for specific words within an article whether online or offline.

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Wikipedia Offline Lite App for iPad

Wikipedia Lite iPad

If you desire to carry around a full-fledged knowledge portal in your hands at all times, then consider getting Wikipedia Offline Lite App for your iPad. You will be amazed to discover you are better at winning arguments with this great app.

After downloading the main article, you can carry out all other functions on this app entirely offline. These top features include real time search, full screen viewing in portrait and landscape modes including customization of font sizes.

This free Wikipedia iPad app also allows you to create bookmarks; contains full table of contents to aid navigation, real time search capabilities and automatic redirection of pages. The articles downloaded through this app are usually the latest online at all times.

Several touch gestures help you to move around this app and also enjoy the articles. Scrolling, tapping, double tapping, pinching and pulling down on different parts of this app’s intuitive user interface will help you discover its wonders.

Visit the apple iPad app store right away to get the great free Wikipedia app.

Wikipanion App for iPad

Wikipanion iPad

One app that has been touted as the fastest and richest technological app to access Wikipedia is Wikipanion App for iPad. Bookmarking and searching are highly intuitive and better than on any other Wikipedia app.

This free Wikipedia app has in-built multiple language search and switching, helping you to gain knowledge in the different languages you desire. The search function on this app includes the “smart completion with entry preview”, a full text seach in Wikipedia style and google search.

It is also loaded with a “wiktionary”, which allows you to search for specific terms without leaving the article you are currently reading. A photo library with several thousands of images, full in-page search capability and interactive font re-sizing are some of the other ground-breaking features on this app.

Bookmarking on Wikipanion App for iPad allows you to also bookmark specific parts of an article and also utilize the in-built audio dictionary to get proper word pronunciations.

Generally, Wikipanion App for iPad just connects you to a rich knowledge base using advanced features rarely found in any other app.

Wikitap App for iPad

Wikitap iPad

Wikitap App for iPad is one great app that connects you to great world information using articles, videos and images. According to some analysts, the speed with which you can find information on this app is faster that getting a contact on your phone.

By just tapping in the words you want to search, you can get results in different formats. This app has also shown to be a great reference for the Thesaurus and encyclopedia.

Apart from getting articles on this free Wikipedia app, you can also contribute to the information portal by adding comments, videos and images to make for better reading.

Audio capabilities on Wikitap App for iPad also make it possible for you to learn the proper pronunciation of words within the articles you are reading. Tapping on search results make this possible when you want to.

Finally, the rich interface on this free Wikipedia app makes for a wonderful reading experience.

Discover Wikipedia App for iPad

Discover iPad

A wonderful new app that gives you access to the Wikipedia knowledge portal using a highly refreshing user interface is Discover Wikipedia App for iPad.

With this great free app, gleaning knowledge from Wikipedia becomes so inviting, refreshing and relaxing. You can quickly search for articles in seconds and the full articles are presented in multiple elegant pages with images to give you a wonderful reading experience.

Discover Wikipedia App for iPad is loaded with in-page search capabilities and a dictionary which allows you to get the correct meanings of words in articles. Offline reading is also possible as you can view downloaded articles much later in the day.

Generally, Discover Wikipedia App for iPad give you a magazine-like experience with its rich articles, including an archive of previously viewed articles all for free. Visit the iPad app store right away to get a taste of this free Wikipedia iPad app.

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