5 Free Websites To Learn Sewing Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to learn sewing online. You can go through various tutorials available on these websites and learn to sew various patterns.

I will not blame you if you wonder how can someone learn sewing online. In fact this seems to be a very prudent observation at first sight. After all sewing includes so many technical details and monitoring. But, a little more thought will help you in believing that it is not impossible to learn sewing online after all. The tutorials are detailed and are supported by images and video lessons. You might take a little extra time to learn, but if the lessons are free then why worry about the time at all? Take a look at the websites reviewed below and start learning.

The 5 websites reviewed in this article are Professor Pincushion, Simplicity.com, Tilly And The Buttons, eSewing Workshop, and Sew Mama Sew.

Professor Pincushion:

learn sewing online

Professor Pincushion is the first website in this list to learn sewing online. It provides you a great interactive platform to learn the craft and show case your talent. All you have to do is create a free account and start learning & sharing.

There are lots and lots of videos on this website to learn sewing. These videos help you learn basic of sewing, teach you to sew different patterns, and much more. Apart from the videos, there are lots of activities and groups as well. These groups contain other user of the website; connect with them and share your experience. You are even allowed to upload pictures of  whatever you have learned and created yourself.



Simplicity.com is another free platform to learn sewing online. The website has lots of classrooms mentioned on the left hand side of your screen. Each of these classroom has something different to teach. One classroom is dedicated to teaching Sewing techniques whereas, another classroom is full of sewing videos. These video lessons help you in learning different designs and basics of sewing. Similarly, there are other classrooms like Measurement charts, Sewing 101 ( includes what all you require to start sewing), and more. Try it out from the link given above.

Tilly And The Buttons:

learn sewing online

Tilly And The buttons is the next website reviewed in this list to learn sewing online. The name of the website is as catchy and attractive as the website itself. It has a great looking interface and lots & lots of tutorials for you to learn from. The Learn To Sew tab on this website contains a long list of written tutorials. You can learn various things from how to thread your sewing machine to how to sew a skirt, or a particular type of shirt, and much more. The written lessons are accompanied by images at every step. This is done to make sure that every step you take forward is in the right direction.

Tilly is the name of the author of this website and she is a designer herself. She has put up images of a lot of her own creations. You can have a look at these creations and then learn how to sew them.

eSewing Workshop:

learn sewing online

eSewing Workshop is the fourth website reviewed in this list to learn sewing online. The website has free video chapters on various aspects of sewing and you can watch and learn. There are multiple video chapters and each has around 15-20 videos on an average. However, you will not be able to view all these videos as not all of them are free. But, still a lot of them can be seen by you as free sample videos in every chapter. The link above will directly take you to the page where you can view the list of these video chapters.

eSewing Workshop is a decent platform if you are a beginner. I say this only because there are limited free videos available. They are enough to help you learn the basics, but I doubt if they would be of much use after that.


learn sewing online

SewMamaSew ( nice name right?) is the fifth and final addition in this list to learn sewing online. From learning to sew cushions to costumes, the website has over 400 free tutorials for you to learn from. There are both video and written tutorials along with images and they cover a wide range of topics from learning the basic skills to sewing a particular dress. You can also participate in the ongoing activities and connect with other users of the website. This makes the learning process more interactive and helps you in learning more and more things. So, go ahead and try it out from the link given above.

So if you love to get your hands on a sewing machine but do not know how to use it, I am sure that this article will prove to be useful for you. The lessons available are absolutely free and in detail. Try them out and let us know what you feel about them.

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