4 Color Picker Addons For Mozilla Firefox

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Here’s a list of 4 color picker addons for Firefox which you can use to find out what kind of colors are present on a certain website. Web designers are constantly facing situations where clients ask them to use colors on a web design just like the one that can be seen on “that one website”. Using a color picker addon you can easily find out the exact color type that a certain website used.

Below are color picker addons we found for you to be used with your Firefox browser.


firefox color picker addons

colorPicker can be accessed by clicking on the top right corner icon. It opens up in a small pop-up window where the website colors are automatically parsed as you’re moving the mouse cursor inside the browser window.

Color is parsed as either RGB or Hex code. To copy color values the only thing that you have to do once that you’ve hovered your mouse over a color is to hit Esc. This will copy the current color code values so that you can use them in your graphics editor of choice.

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Color Pickers

firefox color picker addons-1

Color Pickers works a bit differently from colorPicker. It’s not your standard color picker where you get to find out what kind of color a certain element of the website that you’re viewing has.

This is a classic color picker addon for Firefox where you get to pick colors like you would in a graphics editor like GIMP. There’re actually three different types of color pickers in this addon, a round one and two square color picker pallets, hence the plural in the addon name.

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firefox color picker addons-2

ColorZilla is an excellent combination of the two previously mentioned color picker addons.

As you can see from the screenshot above, ColorZilla gives you access to both a color picker for picking colors from a pallet and an eye dropper tool which you can use to find out the exact hexadecimal color value of basically any point of a website. On top of that, you also get more advanced features like for example the CSS gradient generator.

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Rainbow Color Tools

firefox color picker addons-3

Rainbow Color Tools is another color picker/eyedropper combo where you can both generate colors using a color pallet (see image down below) or find out color values inside the Firefox (using the eye dropper tool).

Addon can be accessed from the top right corner menu. Right click opens up a pop-up menu from where you can select either the eyedropper tool or the color picker. Eyedropper will report color values in a small box above the cursor as you’re moving your mouse around the website.

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Out of the 4 color picker addons for Firefox that we tested above, the one that stood out the most, if you ask us, is ColorZilla. It has pretty much everything that you’re ever gonna need from a color picker. For something a little bit more simpler there’re Rainbow Color Tools, colorPicker, and even Color Pickers can be used to select interesting colors for whatever it is that you need to pick colors. Try them all and let us know which addon you think is best and why in the comments down below.

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