6 Best Free Docx Viewers

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Here are 6 free docx viewers to view .docx files without installing Microsoft Word. Docx files are created by newer versions of Word, including Word 2010. These free docx viewers come handy if you want to open a Word file but do not have Microsoft Word on your system.

Note: If you have an Office suite like OpenOffice or IBM Lotus Symphony, then you don’t need a docx viewer.

DocX Viewer

As the name suggests, this free DocX Viewer application let you read docx files from Microsoft Word without Microsoft Office installed in your PC. Many of us have older version of MS Word in our PC, but Microsoft now uses docx format for its doc files and the users who have not upgraded their MS Word version to MS Word 2007 are facing problems in reading docx files. To ease out the problems, we have free DocX Viewer application from epingsoft.com, which will help you, read docx files easily.

The application is very light weight and portable since you are not required to install your application and can be carried anywhere in your USB stick. The program is just 600KB, so carrying this application will not be problem at all. It quickly open up and you can read your docx files easily without installing and upgrading your MS Office version 2007 and further. DocX Viewer is an independent tool, which will convert DocX into HTML and show it in an internal web browser. Read more here, or download free here.

TextMaker Viewer

TextMaker Viewer is free application for all common word processing and spreadsheet formats. The application is for all users who don’t have word processor in their system and wants to read doc or docx format file. The application is very easy to use and let you enjoy your document free of cost, without spending any extra penny. The application will show you exact layout of your word doc as it would have appear in your MS word.

Textmaker Viewer

The application is just a viewer and will not allow you to edit anything in the docx file. You can read, view, and print your file using this application. TextMaker Viewer comes from the makers of Softmaker Office.

This application is handy when you have older version of the MS word and you have no time to upgrade it to newer ones to read docx files. You can use this handy app and download it in your desktop for reading any doc file. You can read doc, docx, dot, dotx, and many other files that other word processors supports. The application might help you in times when you just have to read the doc and you have no time for upgrading your existing word processor application. Download TextMaker Viewer here.

Word Reader

Word Reader

Word Reader is free docx file viewer that helps you to read docx file if you do not have any Word processing application or MS Office. The Word Viewer application does not only let you read docx file but you can also read any word file easily and without much effort. The app read doc files for you with same layout and you can use this free reader anywhere.

The easy to use application was designed keeping in mind the people who does not have word processing software in their system and there is urgent requirement to read some doc files. However, downloading MS Office would be an option but still, it is time taking to download whole package. Rather it is handy when you just have to read your file and this application would solve your purpose. You can read Microsoft Word 2007 (*.DOCX), Microsoft Word 97-2003(*.DOC), Hyper Text Markup Language (*.Htm,*.Html), Plain Text Format (*.TXT), Rich Text Format (*.RTF). Read more about Word Reader, or download free here.

OpenXML Document Viewer

OpenXML Document Viewer is free Firefox plugin, which allows users to read their doc files and act as add in plugin for Firefox. The application is an open source and anybody can use the this Firefox docx viewer plugin. The app is in the form of FireFox plugin, and it will let you read your documents in FireFox web browser.

This is the most handy app when it comes to read your documents and other files. The application is designed simply in FireFox plugin so that you can read your docs and files right there in your web browser. The application is free cost to use and gets into your system within no time. The app allows users to view Open XML documents (.DOCX) within the browser on Windows and Linux platforms without the need to install Microsoft Office or other productivity products.

Here is a video overview of OpenXML Document Viewer:

Download OpenXML Document Viewer here.

Word Viewer

Word Viewer is freely downloadable app from Microsoft that helps you to open and read doc files if at all you do not have MS Word in your system. Users can use the app free of cost and very light weight. View, print, and copy Word documents, even if you don’t have Word installed. With this application you can just read and view your documents and cannot edit them.

The application has been upgraded to help users to print and copy the contents to other program. This gets easier for users who do not have upgraded version of MS Word to read docx file and requires editing apart from just viewing. You can now open any docx file with this app and copy the contents to your older version for further revision and review. The users should keep in mind that with this application you would not be able to edit an open document, save a document, or create a new document. Install and download this application in your desktop and open and read any word doc that your word processor does not support. Download Word Viewer here.

Ultimate Google Docs Viewer

Ultimate Google Docs Viewer is free Google Chrome extension that allows you to view doc, docx, pdf, ppt, pps files with Google Docs Viewer. This extension allows you to enable and disable which files you want to open automatically in the Google Docs Viewer. The application is just apt for the users if you do not have time for heavy installations and time taking downloads. The program easily let you read doc files and view your important data without much effort.

Ultimate Google Docs Viewer

There is convenient right-click menu in the corner of the window that offers you options including opening of the files, new tabs, opening in new incognito window and editing PDF file online. The extension if easy to use and very light weight. Most of all you need not install any interface for reading your files and directly read your docx files in your Google web browser. Download Ultimate Google Docs Viewer here.

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