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Sighthound Video is a handy free webcam surveillance software that helps to record videos using webcam for security purpose. It comes with people detection option which helps to start recording, only when a human motion is detected. You simply need to set a rule for doing so. There are multiple rules can be created, edited, and saved according to your requirement.

Not just human motion detection, it is able to look (record video) for all objects, unknown objects, and people in room only (excludes outdoor people motion). Thus, it turns your webcam into a cheap but very useful video surveillance software.

Sighthound Video- free webcam surveillance software

Sighthound Video also provides remote access facility. Using this feature, you can access video recording from a browser on same network, on different networks on different devices, as well as on your smartphone (if its mobile app is installed).

Sighthound Video’s free version is limited to only one camera setup and 320*240 (QVGA) video quality. For setting up multiple cameras and to record videos in high quality, you can upgrade to paid version.

Note: Earlier, this webcam surveillance software was named as: Vitamin D. But now, its name has been changed to Sighthound Video and some new features have been added so far. Like, it can help you view live recording and recorded videos using your smartphone, remote access on different networks, etc.

How To Use This Free Webcam Surveillance Software?

You can download its setup file (28.9 MB) using the link provided at the end of this review. Installation is very simple, so you can install it without any problem.

While using it for the first time, you need to setup your camera with the help of a wizard. Open its interface, connect your webcam, select camera type (Network camera, usb webcam, etc.), camera name, and finish the wizard.

camera setup wizard

After this, its main interface will open up to show you recording location. Now you have to setup a rule to start recording the video.  To create your own rule, click on drop down option available at bottom left corner, and use New Rule option.

create a rule

Immediately a Rule Editor window will open up. Using that window, you will be able to create your own rule. For this, you need to setup:

  • Video source: where you want to set webcam location.
  • what you want to look for: objects, people, or unknown objects. If you will select people only option, then it will record activity only when a human motion is detected. You can even ignore objects that are smaller than 30-70 pixels.

setup new rule

  • Location for moving objects: Objects which are anywhere, inside/outside selected region of webcam range, or crossing a boundary (very helpful if your webcam is set on patio), etc.
  • Condition if seen: That means, if based on above conditions, if an object or person is seen, then webcam will start recording, save clips to user-defined location, and take other actions. Other actions like, send email notification (with intruder picture) to your added email address and send a mobile notification (if smartphone app is installed) can be set. To setup email notification option, you need to add SMTP server, SMTP port number, email address to send notification, receiving email address, etc.

set if seen condition

After configuring your rule, you can save settings, and your webcam will become a video surveillance software. To view saved recordings, use available icon, and list of all saved recordings will be in front of you. You can select any recording and can play it to find out intruder(s).

play saved recording

Access Webcam Remotely On Browser or Smartphone

This is the interesting option that helps to access recording from a web browser with same network, on different network, or your smartphone. Local IP address (to view recording on browser) and Internal IP address (to view recording on smartphone using Sighthound Video app) are required to view recordings on same network. And to view recording from other network remotely,  external address is required. However, it won’t work if your router doesn’t support UPnP (Universal Plug n Play) or NAT-PMP, as it happened during testing also. To set up remote access, refer this link.

In screenshot below, you could see browser access and smartphone access done by me from same network.

remote access


Sighthound Video turns your webcam into a professional grade webcam surveillance system. This webcam video surveillance software is feature-rich and helpful for your home/office security.

Get Sighthound Video free.

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