Increase Space For Page Titles in Firefox Tabs: Compact Tabs

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Compact Tabs is a free Firefox extension to increase the space for page titles in the Firefox tabs. This extension simply removes the extra White space on the tabs to show more of the title.

This extension will not effect the size of the tab. If you are working on a large number of tabs at a time, then this extension can come in very handy. It is often very confusing to identify the tabs just by viewing them. Compact Tabs extension will shows more of text of the title on the tab, and hence it will be easier to identify the tab.

While working with any extension to reduce tab size (to delay tab scrolling), then this extension makes the title on the tabs even more readable.

Compact Tabs- Increase the Size for Page Titles

How to Increase the Space For Page Titles in Firefox:

You can use the link available at the end of this review to reach the homepage of the extension. Install the extension in your Firefox browser. The extension will start its operation right after the installation, and it does not even requires a restart.

Now, you’d notice that the space for the page title is increased, and more text is visible in the tabs. It is now easier to identify the tab, if you are working on a number of tabs together.

Compact Tabs to increase the size for page titles

There are no customization options with this extension. Just install it, and White space on the tabs are removed. Hence, the title of the webpage will appear longer on tabs. Compact Tabs extension works for new Australis UI for Firefox, even with the other tabs size controlling extensions enabled.

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My Opinion on Compact Tabs:

There are many Firefox extensions to make working on multiple tabs easier (Tile Tabs is perhaps the best among them), and most of them are rich with control options. Unlike them, Compact Tabs is pretty simple extension that simply removes the White spaces, which gives more space for the page titles. Even with this limited utility, I find this extension very useful. This tiny extension makes the it easier for you to identify the page with its title, and hence, shifting between a number of tabs is easier. Simple, and really useful for multi-tabbers!

Did you try Compact Tabs Extension? Do let me know about your experience in the comments below.

Get Compact Tabs Extension for Firefox here.

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