5 Chrome Extensions To Add To-Do List On New Tab

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Add to-do-list on new tab of Google Chrome with these 5 Chrome Extensions To Add To-Do-List on new Tab.

Keeping a to-do-list is very important for achieving your goals on time. And, finding a way to keep the to-do-list always in front of your eyes is equally as important. Having a to-do-list on every new tab you open in Chrome is an efficient way of keeping to-do-list always in front of you. That is why I have compiled here a list of 5 Chrome Extensions to add to-do-list on new tab in Google Chrome.

So now lets hit Chrome Web Store to see what these Chrome Extensions have to offer.

Dayboard – New Tab Page


Dayboard is a free Extension to add to-do-list to the new tab in Google Chrome. This extension allows to add 5 important to-do tasks every day to new tab of Chrome. This way you will be reminded of your  tasks every time you open a new tab. You can add new tasks one day in advance to the Dayboard. You can also edit or delete your task any time. Click on the check box before the task to mark it complete. There are 3 tabs on the interface. In My Task tab you get to add new tasks, it also contains all your tasks for the day. You can see the history of your tasks for last 14 days in the History section. There is also a Focus Mode Section Selecting which only Shows you tasks in bold letters on every new tab.

You can sync your tasks for mobile access by signing up with the Dayboard. For a paid service of Dayboard, you can also get your next task to appear on the edge of the screen while visiting any website.

If you are not so frequent on Chrome then you would definitely like to take a look at this Windows 10 to-do-list app.



Momentum is a free Extension to add to-do-list to the new tab in Google Chrome. After adding this extension to Chrome, every new tab will open as a to-do-list. It allows you to add unlimited tasks to the to-do-list which you can mark out as completed, once you have completed the task. You can view the completed tasks in History. It also shows weather report of your current location on the top right side. You also get to set a new goal. An Inspirational quote and photo are complimentary gift from Momentum each day. There is also a search option on the interface to directly search anything on Google. You can add custom links in Links option to directly open any website. You can Customize interface by Showing or hiding different Widgets from settings.

It also has a paid version with many more interesting features.

Wunderlist New Tab


Wunderlist is a free Extension to add to-do-list to the new tab in Google Chrome. It is a very lite extension that allows you to add as many tasks as you want to the to-do-list in every new tab. but to access this extension first you will need to signup with your Facebook, Google, or Microsoft account. You can also signup with any email id.  you can specify any task urgent by adding it under Today section. After completing the task, you just need to click on the task to mark it complete.

It also has app for Android, iOS, and Windows based smartphones.

Tabula (New Tab To-do List)


Tabula is a  free Extension to add to-do-list to the new tab in Google Chrome. It is another very simple extension with the sole purpose of turning every new tab to a to-do-list.  After adding this extension from Chrome Web Store, every new tab opens as a to-do-list. Here you can add as many tasks to the to-do-list as you want. It allows to edit tasks by clicking on them. The delete option appears only when you click on a task for editing it. Every task has a check box before them which you can check to mark them completed. You can also see previous tasks in the Show previous Entries option. All your previous unfinished tasks are automatically added to the current day to-do-list.

New Tab to Tasks

new tab to task

New Tab To Task is a free Extension to add to-do-list to the new tab in Google Chrome. This extension basically turns new tab in Google Chrome to Google task. So, all your tasks are in front of your eyes every time you open a new tab. it also allows you to add new tasks to it. Its basically like visiting Google task.


To-do-list is a very important for task management and for people like me who tend to use Google Chrome daily, these extensions are very useful in reminding daily tasks. I personally use Momentum to keep an eye on my daily tasks as it has more features for free than any other Chrome Extensions in this list.

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