Free Download Accelerator For P2P and Torrent Clients: iXcelerator

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iXcelerator is a free download accelerator and optimizer which you can use in order to improve and optimize download speeds for a number of different P2P and torrent clients. Peer-to-peer and torrent file sharing can sometimes cause your download speed to lag, especially if the connection is not properly configured. This free download speed optimization software can help you out with that.

iXcelerator free download accelerator default window

Image above shows us the interface of iXcelerator. This is basically the main control panel next to which you also get a system tray icon. There are two main sections, the Settings section, where you can adjust the application and the network adapter on which download is gonna be accelerated. The Statistic section where you will be seeing a report on the connection status.

Key Features of iXcelerator Free Download Accelerator are:

  • Free, easy to use, and lightweight, doesn’t take up a lot resources.
  • Automatic detection of peer-to-peer and torrent clients installed.
  • Supported clients are uTorrent, Limewire, Shareaza, Bearshare, eMule.
  • Detect and automatically configure network adapters which are used.
  • Optimization and error correction of Internet downloads.

There are several different things that could cause slow downloads. In case of peer-to-peer or torrent downloads, if the number of concurrent connections isn’t properly set, not only the download speed lows down, but connection might also break. Here are few tips on how you can avoid that with iXcelerator.

How to Optimize Network Connection and Accelerate Download Speed with iXcelerator?

The first thing that you need to do is to install this free download optimization utility. Be careful when installing because browser toolbars come bundled with the installer. When you run the application, you should see the main control panel as shown in the image at the top. You need to select the download client that you want optimized and the Network adapter which you use to access the Internet.

iXcelerator selecting adapter

With both of these things selected you can now click on the Run button. After you do that iXcelerator will go over network configuration and the settings of the selected P2P and torrent clients. If you were experiencing problems with download speeds, and Internet connection problems, you’re gonna be seeing the problems decreased and your download speed should be accelerated.

iXcelerator tray icon

System tray icon is also available. Left double-click there will open up the main interface. Selecting the Run at Startup option means that this download accelerator will run as the system starts and it will optimize and improve download speeds.


iXcelerator is a very easy to use. Practically everything will be done automatically, torrent and peer-to-peer clients which are supported and which you have installed on your computer are gonna be detected right away. This free download accelerator is very light on system resources, so you can use it even if you have older hardware, without any kind of lagging, certainly not download speed lagging. Be careful when installing so that you don’t pickup the toolbar that comes packed, not unless you want it. If you’re downloading a lot from torrents or P2P networks, this is the tool for you. Download it free.

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