LodePaint: Free Painting Software To Paint And Draw

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LodePaint is a free painting software which you can use in order to draw sprites, textures, clip art, but not just that. Pretty much every type of graphics can be created with this free drawing software, large selection of tools, filters and effects are available and can be used in LodePaint. All this makes it more than a worthy substitute for similar graphics editing applications that we talked about before, like for example Kleki and sketchPad.

LodePaint free painting software

Image above is the interface of LodePaint. Great thing about this free painting software is that it’s portable, it doesn’t have to be installed, it will work right away without installation. In the left sidebar and in the menus at the top you will find all the tools that you need to draw and paint graphics. On the right, you’ll be greeted with a blank canvas whose size can be adjusted.

Key Features of LodePaint Free Painting Software:

  • Rich toolbox that includes brush, pen, pixel brush, shapes, text tool, etc.
  • Filters like gradients, clouds, noise, sepia, blur, etc are available.
  • OpenGL powered rendering of the graphics.
  • All the common image formats are supported like PNG, JPEG, GIF, TGA, BMP.
  • Simple to use and portable, no need for installation, works right away.
  • Cross-platform, so available for both Linux and Windows.

LodePaint is a drawing application which was developed with sprite and texture painting in mind. The pixel brush which is available in the toolbox of this free painting software is very useful when it comes to creating textures. Here are a few tips for you to get you started with LodePaint.

How to Draw Textures with LodePaint?

In a lot of ways LodePaint is very similar to other drawing software that exists out there. This is a good thing, because it means that you won’t have to familiarize yourself with the application, if you’ve already worked with similar software before. Depending on just what kind of texture you’re interested in creating, select the appropriate tool in the left sidebar’s Toolbox area. We selected the Pixel Brush Tool.

LodePaint painting texture

Underneath the Toolbox you can find the Tool Settings window. Here, you can adjust the size of the brush and activate additional effects, if the tool has any. Pick the Color in the color selection area above the Toolbox and start drawing. On the image above, you can see a poor attempt at drawing something that might be called a texture. With the brush simply create alternating boxes with different colors and once you’re finished save your work by clicking File >> Save.

LoadPaint drawing freehand

Drawing freehand is of course available, and you can add various different Filters, like for example Blur, which can be see in the image above.


LodePaint is a very easy to understand free painting software which offers a lot of different tools, effects, and filters. It’s suitable for both novice artists and those who have experience. It’s portable, so if you want to try it out there’s no need for installation. Download and try it absolutely free.

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Works With: Linux, Windows
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