How To Disable Reading Pane In Microsoft

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This tutorial explains how to disable reading pane in Microsoft By default, when you click on an email in (or Outlook on the web), it opens in the right pane or section. The left section shows the list of emails available in Inbox, Sent, or other selected label, and right section shows the content of the selected email. If you don’t like this default setting in, then you can simply disable reading pane or preview pane in Microsoft After that, the main interface will show the list of emails. And when you will click on an email, it will open that particular email. The list of emails will be hidden so you will have more space to read the email content.

To disable reading pane in, you need to access Settings of This feature works for both stable and new (beta). I have covered steps to disable reading pane for stable and beta separately.

reading pane is visible

Above you can see that reading mode or preview pane is turned on by default. On the left section, the list of emails is visible, and the right section is showing the content of the selected email.

Now have a look at the screenshot below. As you can see, it is only showing the list of emails. That means reading pane is disabled.

reading pane is hidden

How To Disable Reading Pane In Microsoft (Older or Stable Version)?

Step 1: It’s a very basic step. You need to login to your Outlook account.

Step 2: Click on the “Settings” button and then select “Options“. This will open Options page of your account.

click settings and then options

Step 3: In Options page, explore Mail menu and scroll down. You will find “Reading pane” option under Layout category. Select that option.

click reading pane option

Step 4: In Reading Pane, you will see “Hide reading pane” option. Select that option and Save it.

click hide reading pane option and save

That’s it! Now you will notice that reading pane is not visible anymore. There will be a list of emails and selecting an email will show its content on the interface of

Step 5: To show reading pane again in, you can repeat the above steps and then select “Show reading pane at right” or “Show reading pane at bottom” option.

How To Turn Off Reading Pane In Microsoft Beta?

If you have opted to try beta and want to disable or turn off reading pane, then this section will help you.

Step 1: First step is same. You need to login to your account.

Step 2: Click “Settings” button.

click settings button

Step 3: Settings pop-up will open where you will see “Inbox layout” section. That section provides “Hide reading pane” option. Select that option.

select hide reading pane option

That’s it! Changes are saved automatically and the reading pane will hide in your account.

To show reading pane again, you can repeat step 1 to step 3 and this time you need to select “Show reading pane” option. This will bring back email reading pane in your account again.

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The Conclusion:

Reading pane for emails in is a good feature. You don’t have to use the back button to go to the list of emails and read another email, again and again. Reading pane helps to access an email without leaving the list of emails. However, there are many users which find this feature annoying and want to disable reading pane in Microsoft For both the cases, this tutorial is definitely helpful. You may give it a try.

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