Free Invisible Calculator To Perform Calculations In Any Application

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Here is a free invisible calculator to perform calculations in any application. It is named as “in-line calculator“. Whether you are working on a web browser, MS Word, Command Prompt window, some text editor, Notepad, etc., you will be able to do calculations using this invisible calculator. As a result, you don’t have to leave the currently working program and open Windows calculator or other calculators to perform the calculations.

You can activate this interface less calculator using a hotkey and then do the calculation. It is not an alternative to scientific calculators but handy for basic calculations. This free invisible calculator works in two different ways: automatically delete the entered values and get the answer and keep the entered values and get the answer. So, you have both the choices.

invisible calculator demo

In the recording above, you can see that I was able to perform a basic calculation in Command Prompt window with the help of this free invisible calculator. This is just an example. You can use this calculator on any other applications.

How To Use This Free Invisible Calculator Software?

This free invisible calculator is a portable software. You can download its zip file using the link available at the end of this review.

When you will run this software, it will sit in the system tray and you will see “=” icon of this software. This icon indicates that the calculator is not active. Keep working on the active application and activate this invisible calculator by pressing “=” key. The software icon will turn to “+“. That means the calculator is active. Now you can perform the calculation. Write the equation and press “=” button. Here is an example: 5+5= will give you the answer 10. You can also use “=5p5” to get the answer, where ‘p’ indicates plus. In this way, you can also use ‘m‘ and ‘d‘ for multiply and divide.

activate calculator and write values and press equal to get the answer

When the answer is visible, the software will be deactivated automatically. In this way, you can perform other calculations like 24d3 or 24/3, (10m3)/3 or (10*3)/3, etc.

The above method removes the written values or equations and simply gives the answer. If you want to get the answer along with keeping the entered values, then simply press “#” instead of “=”. So, here is an example. Activate the calculator using “=” key, enter the equation, and press #. You will get the answer. 5+5# will give the answer 10 without deleting the equation.

get answer without deleting the input

This way you can perform calculations on any application using this free invisible calculator.

The Conclusion:

If you need to do basic calculations time to time, then this free invisible calculator software is simply a good option to try. It has only one feature which is to perform calculations while working on any program, which works simply great. Activating and deactivating the calculator is just a matter of hotkey, which makes it very easy to use.

Get this software.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 7 Average: 3.9]
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