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mmMule is a free web service where people who are traveling, from all over the world can register and get in touch with those who need packages delivered in the countries where travelers are heading next. So let’s say for example you live in New York City and you need something from Los Angeles, instead of paying for a delivery you could find someone who is in LA now, and who’s traveling to New York and ask them to buy the thing that you need and of course deliver it to you.

mmMule default window

mmMule is a relatively new website, they are actually still in beta, which you can see from the image above, there’s beta written next to the logo. We haven’t encountered any kind of problems using mmMule and we also noticed that despite of the website being new, there’s already quite a few requests for item deliveries, over 75 pages to be more precise, and if you want something delivered, you might also find yourself on that list, but first you’re gonna have to register.

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How to deliver and get stuff delivered to you with mmMule

Before we start explaining how this free delivery web service works, let’s get the most important issue out of the way first and that would be security. Since you’re gonna be dealing and meeting actual people be ready to come across those who’s intentions might not be entirely honorable, and who might try to scam you by not giving you money upon delivery completion, make sure to come into contact with the person first, and to do that you’re gonna have to register:

mmMule registering

Facebook connect is also available, and once you become mmMule member, you’ll be able to send messages to other members, more specifically to people who have posted delivery gigs.

mmMule delivery displayed

One such delivery request can be seen on the image above. Notice that the overall cost of the delivery isn’t very big, and that’s probably the kind of deliveries that you should get involved in. Buying something expensive, like the iPad, for which there’s actually a delivery request, isn’t a good idea, because you might lose money when the person doesn’t pay you back on successful delivery. If you want to go through all the delivery requests click on the Deliver stuff link and if you want to make a request for delivery yourself, click on Get stuff and there describe what exactly it is that you’re interested in, but like we said, keep it realistic, don’t request yachts, nobody will buy and deliver them, that’s for sure.

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Prices of delivery can be a bit problematic sometimes, or even worse would be a situation where delivery isn’t an option. For those who are looking to save money and who’re interested in getting the stuff that they would normally have to go and get themselves mmMule offers you a nice delivery alternative. Not only will you receive your packages, but you’ll also gonna make new friends which is never a bad thing. Free service, register for free and enjoy you items being delivered fast and quick.

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