5 Free Fidget Spinner Games For iPhone

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In this article, I will introduce you to 5 free Fidget Spinner games for iPhone. These games will let you get your hands on different virtual Fidget spinners on iPhone and make them spin at very high speeds. These games come with tons of different Fidget Spinner with different designs to choose from. You will surely love the visuals that are generated by the blades of Fidget Spinners.

Apart from that, some games on this list will also tell you how well you can rotate the Spinners as compared to other gamers in the world. You will also find a unique game which tries to bring reality to virtuality by making the game interface transparent by using camera and letting you spin the Fidget Spinner on that.

5 free fidget spinner games for iPhone

In case, you have an Android phone, then you check out these fantastic and similar Fidget Spinner games for Android. Previously, we have also covered some other exciting iPhone games like best free Soccer games, free 2048 games, etc. In this article, you are about to discover some cool Fidget Spinner iPhone games to get around your boredom and enjoy Fidget Spinner toy, if you don’t own one.

Fidget Spinner by Ketchapp:

fidget spinner by ketchapp

Fidget Spinner is the first iPhone Fidget Spinner game on my list. In this game, you have 5 swipes to make the Fidget Spinner spin at its top speed. Based on its number of spins and speed, you will be awarded points which can be used to unlock other Fidget Spinners in the game. It has a number of different stylish and powerful Fidget Spinners to unlock and play with. So, all you have to do is make the Spinners rotate faster to earn points and then upgrade them to perform more spins. A Tip from my side is that use your swipes with extra care and try to fill the spins bar at the top, which will double the number of coins earned.

Fidget Spinner by Binh Nguyen:

Fidget Spinner by Binh Nguyen

Fidget Spinner by Binh Nguyen is another free Fidget Spinner game for iPhone. This game also follows the same storyline as other Spinner games on my list i.e. make the Fidget Spinner rotate faster to earn points and use these points to unlock other powerful Fidget Spinners. What makes it more exciting is that its game interface will make you feel like you are rotating an actual Fidget Spinner in the real world. It uses the camera of your phone to make the game screen on which you have to rotate the Spinner transparent, as shown in the screenshot above. This is similar to one of the popular game Pokemon Go which gives you the feeling of catching Pokemon right from the real-world using the phone camera. To make the Fidget Spinner rotate, you will have to swipe on iPhone screen multiple times. After that, you can enjoy watching Fidget Spinner rotating in the real-world from the game interface, as you can see above.

Fidget Hand Spinner:

fidget spinner games for iPhone

Fidget Hand Spinner is another free Fidget Spinner game for iPhone on my list. The game consists of tons of different Fidget Spinners and you can easily unlock them, unlike in the previous game on my list. All you have to do is select a Spinner and then make it spin to gain more spins and high speed. To make the iPhone Fidget Spinner rotate faster, you have to swipe on the game screen continuously. The Spinner will then gain speed and after some, it will gradually stop. If you have created some sort of new record, then the game also shows how well you have done globally. So, if you want to see how well you can spin the Fidget Spinner across the globe, then you should definitely play this game.

Fidget Spinner – Tap Tap Fast:

fidget spinner- tap tap fast

In Fidget Spinner- Tap Tap Fast, you need to make sure that the falling Fidget Spinner doesn’t hit the spikes, as shown above. The real challenge is to tap on the iPhone screen in a very fast paced manner so as to prevent it from hitting the spikes at the bottom of the game screen. Well, it is not that easy as you have to maintain a continuous tap speed to keep the Fidget Spinner up in the air. It is really tough to play as even if you are tapping on the screen very quickly, the Fidget Spinner still slowly fall down to the ground and hit the spikes. Once it hit the ground, the game gets over and some points are awarded. You can collect these points to unlock other Fidget Spinners. These locked Fidget Spinners can help you to play longer and earn more points. It’s a very challenging Fidget Spinner game for iPhone, you should definitely check it out.

Fidget Spinner Toy:

5 free fidget spinner games for iPhone

If you are one of those who doesn’t like to work hard in order to unlock items in a game, then “Fidget Spinner Toy” has been specially designed for you. It is a pretty simple iPhone Fidget Spinner game in which all Fidget Spinners are unlocked and you can choose anyone to play with. With a gentle swipe, you can make the Fidget Spinner rotate at high speeds and enjoy the various visual effects generated from their blades.


In this article, I told you about 5 free Fidget Spinner apps for iPhone. If you are looking for a challenging gameplay then check out Fidget Spinner-tap tap fast and Fidget Spinner by Ketchapp. If you are just interested in rotating different Fidget Spinners of various designs then Fidget Spinner Toy is worth a look. Other games too have their own set of gameplay features which might excite you, so, check all of them out and select the best :)

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