5 Fidget Spinner Games for Android

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In this article, I have compiled a list of 5 free Fidget Spinner games for Android. With these games, you can enjoy your favorite toy  i.e. Fidget Spinner right on your Android smartphone. Most of these games follow the same gameplay i.e. you need to make them rotate faster and faster. You can get your hands on different stylized Fidget Spinners for Android which look stunning while rotating. Some games make interacting with Fidget Spinner more thrilling. Some let you make them bounce, catch the falling ball colors, make them rotate faster and compete with global players, etc.

So, if you are also a fan of Fidget Spinners, and want to play them on Android too, then you are gonna love this list.

5 free fidget spinner games for Android

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Fidget Spinner by Words Mobile:

5 free fidget spinner games for Android

Fidget Spinner by Words Mobile is the first Fidget Spinner game for Android on my list as it is the most exciting and comes with 3 different modes to play. These modes allow you to play with different stylish and cool-looking Fidget Spinners and make them rotate faster. In the first two modes i.e. “TIMED SPIN” and “FREE SPIN”, you have to make the Fidget Spinner spin as fast as you can. The only difference between these modes is that in the first you have limited time to spin and the second mode lets you play indefinitely. However,  the third mode “TOSS MODE” is the most thrilling as in this mode you have to make Fidget Spinner bounce and prevent it from falling below the screen. You have to tap on the rotating Fidget Spinner to make it bounce. If you think it might be very easy to play, then you must check it out to see the real challenge of the game. The Fidget Spinner falls very quickly after bouncing, so you must have quick reflexes to tap on the Spinner again and keep it bouncing and prevent it from falling.

Spinny Fidget:

spinny fidget android game

Spinny Fidget is another free Fidget Spinner game for Android. However, it also inspired by one of the popular color matching game i.e. Color Switch. In this game, you have to make the falling color balls pass through the rotating blades of the Fidget Spinner. Sounds simple but isn’t as you have to make sure that the falling ball and the Fidget Spinner blade have the same color. The game gets over if a ball of different color touch with a different color blade or if it is unable to touch any spinning blade of Fidget Spinner. You need to collect the falling stars and use them to unlock other stylish Fidget Spinners available in the game. I find this game to be very challenging as it requires quick reflexes to make sure the falling ball through the Fidget blade of the same color. Do check it out :)

Hand spinner simulator:

hand spin simulator

Hand Spinner Simulator is a simple Fidget Spinner game for Android in which you can play with different Fidget Spinners. You can choose one from a number of different Fidget Spinners and make them rotate as fast as you can. You just need to swap your fingers on the Fidget Spinner blade to make it rotate and if you want to make it rotate faster then just tap on it again. Unlike other games on my list, it doesn’t have any modes or any other gameplay event; all you have to do is make the Spinners rotate. I can only recommend it if you just want an app to play with several good looking modern Fidget Spinners on Android.

Fidget Spinner by Ketchapp:

Fidget Spinner by ketchapp

Fidget Spinner is another free game in which you can play with several different styled Fidget Spinners on Android. The gameplay is quite unique as compared to others on my list. You have to rotate Fidget Spinners as fast as you can in a limited time. All you have to do is make the Fidget Spinner rotate in one go and you are awarded points as per the number of rotations completed by the Spinner. You can then use these points to upgrade your Fidget abilities to perform more number of rotations and earn more points. Also, you can unlock more powerful and stylized Fidget Spinners with these points to make the spinning process a lot more fun.

Fidget Hand Spinner by ziyayrate:

free fidget spinner games

If you are one of those who likes to climb up the leaderboard of a game, then Fidget Hand Spinner is the one you will like the most within this list of Android Fidget Spinner games. In this game, you will have to do the same thing i.e. make the Fidget Spinner rotate faster but here based on its speed and number of rotations, you will see what percentage of global gamers of this games have you surpassed. It will also show you a world ranking in the game results. The best part is that this game also counts the overall number of Fidget Spinner rotations. To make things sound more realistic, it also shows you the rotation speed of the Fidget Spinner as you can see in the screenshot above. So, the overall concept of the game is to rotate the Fidget Spinners faster so as to climb up the global leaderboards.


In this article, I made you familiar with 5 free Fidget Spinner games for Android. My favorites from the list are Fidget Spinner by Words Mobile, Hand Spinner Simulator, and Fidget Hand Spinner. I will suggest you to check them all out before making a decision, I am sure you will love all of these games. Do let me know which Fidget Spinner game you liked the most, by posting your comments below.

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