Interview With CEO of PDF Eraser

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Recently we reviewed a fantastic software called PDF Eraser. This software lets you erase any text or image in PDF and replace by your own text / image. Pretty unique idea and very easy to use software. We loved it. So, we decided to get in touch with the CEO of PDF Eraser to find out more about him and his team and how did they come up with this software. And we were pretty amazed.

The CEO is named Wu Bohan, and is 27 years old. His team consists of himself, himself, and himself. Yes, he is actually a one man army, doing everything by himself. Married and has one kid and a dog, this guy has made many other software as well, apart from PDF Eraser. He has been making software since 2009! This dude is awesome and the software he makes are really useful. Some of his products are available here, here, and here.

Here are the excerpts of our interview with Wu Bohan, CEO of PDF Eraser:

Wu Bohan

ILFS: Tell us more about yourself. Who are you?

Wu: My name is Wu Bohan, male. I’m married and have a boy kid and a dog. I love programming using C#, VB, objective-C, also play basketball game sometimes.

ILFS: Where are you based out of?

Wu: “Jinye information technology college of Northwestern Polytechnical University”, in China.

ILFS: How did idea of PDF Eraser come to your mind?

Wu: A friend told me that he wanted to delete some information of a PDF document, include an image and some text. He asked me if there is a freeware app that can do that. I searched around but no luck with freeware. So I made a simple version for him, and then I realized that this tool might be useful for a lot of people. Finally, the released version you seen has been made out.

ILFS:  How much time did you take to develop this software?

Wu: Hmmm… About 2 weeks? UI, programming and website.

ILFS: How big is the team?

Wu: I am an independent vendor, and develop applications alone.

Wu Bohan's Dog

ILFS: What is your full time profession?

Wu: My full time work is programming and earning by software products and adsense etc., SOHO (Small Office / Home Office).

Wu Bohan's Office

ILFS:  What are your plans for monetizing this software?

Wu: I have not thought this for now in fact, just want more people to use and know this tool. Maybe try to make a pro version.

ILFS: Is PDF Eraser your only product, or do you have other products as well?

Wu: Not the only one. I have made some converters before, but they are shareware products. I need to earn money you know :)

ILFS: What else do you have in future for PDF Eraser?

Wu: Add more functions, and listen to the feedback to improve it.

ILFS: And we hope you keep improving it further and keep making even more such unique products. Thanks for taking out time for this interview.

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Editor Ratings:
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