5 Free Panorama Android Apps

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Here’s a list of 5 panorama Android apps which you can use to capture panorama photos using your Android powered phone or tablet. A panorama photo is a photo where a very wide angle shot of the scenery is taken. These images are very wide, several thousands of pixels. This is made possible by combining several pictures together. Combining images together is called stitching. Stitching usually needed to be done manually, but now there are panorama apps that can do it all automatically.

Here are the apps we found for you.

Wondershare Panorama

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Wondershare Panorama is a simple to use panorama Android app where a panorama image is taken by moving your phones camera across the scene that you’re interested in shooting.

Notice the slider at the bottom of the screen? It will move as you’re moving your phone and record everything in its path in a single continues wide angle image, a panorama image. The key is to keep the phone leveled at all times to create as much better a panorama scene as possible.

Get Wondershare Panorama.


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ProCapture doesn’t have the the kind of automated panorama photo taking that Wondershare has. It requires a bit more input from you.

What it basically boils down to is taking multiple photos in a sequence and aligning them so that they fit together in a panorama, see image above. End of the previous photo is gonna be transposed over the new one that you’re taking to help you make a better “stitch” between photos.

Get ProCapture.

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Photaf Panorama

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Photaf Panorama is just like ProCapture only it adds additional helpers that use your phones sensors to tell you when you’ve positioned your phones camera improperly during the panorama shoot.

Notice the horizontal and vertical stabilization bars at the top and right section of the screen? When you start taking images of your panorama, if you move your camera up or down too much, the bar will turn red. Indicator has to be in the middle and the bar green.

Get Photaf Panorama.

Panorama Camera 360

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Panorama Camera 360 works the same way that Wondershare Panorama works, only it has much simpler interface.

You can basically keep turning camera full circle, 360 degrees, and create highly complex panoramas. You’ll get warnings in case that your camera goes too much off balance when filming the panorama.

Get Panorama Camera 360.

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HD Panorama

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HD Panorama works on the same principles that Wondershare and Panorama Camera does.

Start capture, turn your camera around and record the scene that you’d like to turn into panorama. Stop recording and this panorama app will then convert the recording into a panorama image.

Get HD Panorama.


How well your panoramas will look like depends mostly on you. I didn’t comment anything on how good panoramas created with these panorama apps were because you might not get the same results. I suggest that you use a rotating camera stand when recording a panorama using apps from the list above, because that’s gonna add more stability to the image. Let me know what you think in comments down below.

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