5 Best Free Android Apps for Teachers

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Here is a list of 5 Best Free Android Apps for Teachers. These apps let the teacher(s) manage their students’ assignments, tests, grading, etc. While some of these apps are meant for teachers to manage their Classroom data and students more efficiently, others offer a streamlined messaging experience between the teachers and the students. Not just that, you can even create a virtual classroom of sorts. And, assignments can be given to the students, and grading can be done as well! Try these out yourself and see how streamlined your ‘Teachings’ shall become! :)

In the meanwhile, also take a look at these Student Management apps for your Android device.

1. Edmodo

Edomodo for Android

Edmodo is one of the best and most feature-rich Android apps for teachers. Using Edmodo, teachers can manage most aspects of their classroom. Teacher(s) can add a note, an alert, conduct a poll, give an assignment to the students of a particular class. Not just that, you can even track the assignment submissions, and add the grade for the assignment. The grading will also be shared with your student as and when you add it. Edmodo supports the creation of multiple, class-specific groups. And, contacting the students’ parents is extremely easy as well! Edmodo is available for free on the Google Play Store.

2. Remind: Free, Safe Messaging


Remind is another one of the essential apps for teachers, which is meant for the sole purpose of keeping in touch with your students. Remind (earlier known as Remind101) basically lets you create specific groups within the app, which can be used for broadcasting a message or ‘reminder’ for a pending assignment, to those students. The app automatically generates a code for every group that you create, and that code has to be entered by the student(s) to join the class. Remind is simple to use, and is available for free on the Google Play Store.

3. ClassDojo


ClassDojo is a must have app for teachers who would like to manage all the non-learning aspects of the classroom and their students. ClassDojo has an easy to use interface which looks polished and lets you get to the stuff you need at the right time. You can grade the students as well and even give them the grading based on their good behavior. Even your students might like this app since they can edit their avatars within the app. ClassDojo is available for free on the Google Play Store.

4. Teacher Gradebook

Teacher Gradebook

Teacher Gradebook for Android is an app for teachers so that they can keep and manage the Attendance, Schedule, Grades Report, Attendance Report, and other such aspects related to the Classroom in a single sheet. Although this app is optimized for Android tablets, it runs on phones as well, albeit clumsily. You can import/export csv and pdf files with this app, and even edit almost all aspects of the Students’ data. Although the app might have a steep learning curve for teachers on the first instance, it is eventually easy to understand and makes managing the attendance data pretty convenient. Dig into the settings and you can easily edit the app’s grading system and symbols used. Teacher Gradebook is available for free on the Google Play Store.

5. Google Classroom

Google classroom

Google Classroom is not just a student management app or an app for getting assistance in your classroom. It, in fact, tries to essentially replace certain aspects of the classroom altogether. Google Classroom can be used for staying organized with what’s due in the class, turning-in assignments, uploading files, images, and video, and much more. Teachers can create different groups for specific classrooms, and the members (students) can instantly get the info as well. One caveat here is that Google Classroom requires a Google Apps for Education account, which so far, is available for free. Google Classroom as well, can be installed from the Play Store for free.

This list of 5 Best Free Android Apps for Teachers is hereby concluded. You can also suggest any other similar apps in the comments section below!

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