4 Screen Sharing Extensions For Google Chrome

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Here’s a list of 4 screen sharing extensions for Google Chrome which you can use to share screen with other people. After installing these extensions, you’ll be able to share whatever happens inside the Chrome browser window with your friends, family, and coworkers. Screen sharing this way can be helpful when collaborating with team members on a project, when you need to explain something to other people or to do the opposite, to have someone else explain things to you more easily.

Dead Simple Screen Sharing

Dead Simple Screen Sharing is exactly what the name of this extension says it is, dead simple screen sharing extension for Google Chrome.

Chrome screen sharing extensions google chrome

To start sharing your Chrome browser window with other people, you just need to install the extension, activate it by left clicking on its icon in the top right corner and then giving the access link to whoever needs to see your Google Chrome window. Be warned that this one worked kind of laggy for me, but that could be just my internet connection. It might work better for you.

Get Dead Simple Screen Sharing.

If you want a desktop screen sharing software, you can try these. You can even share screen online.


Screenleap works very similarly to Dead Simple Screen Sharing, the only difference being that in order to give other people access to your browser window, you’re gonna have to register an account with the Screenleap website.

Chrome screen sharing extensions screenleap

This just means that Screenleap isn’t as “dead simple” as Dead Simple is. Once that you’ve registered an account, you can start sharing your screen with other people by giving them access in the control panel. Screenleap also allows you to create screenshots.

Get Screenleap.

Skiblz Cam

Technically speaking, Skiblz Cam isn’t exactly a screen sharing extension, at least not in real time.

Chrome screen sharing extensions skiblz cam

What you can do with Siblz is record a video of the browser window activity, which the extension then allows you to share right away via web. All it takes to share a video of browser activity is two clicks. One on the extension icon in top right corner to start recording and another one to share the recorded video with whoever needs to it.

Get Skiblz Camq.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is the official screen sharing app from Google. We saved the best for last.

Chrome screen sharing extensions remote desktop app

It works not just for the Chrome window, but also for the entire desktop. This is an actual desktop sharing extension that you launch from Chrome. To share your desktop, you will just have run the app, give the access code to the person with whom you want to connect and that’s it.

Get Chrome Remote Desktop.


These are some of the better free screen sharing extensions and apps for Google Chrome. Some of them might not work properly all the time, Dead Simple for example, but other are there to make it up, like Chrome Remote Desktop. Try them and let us what you think in the comment section down below.

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