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Noogra Nuts is a free Windows 8 game app, which is based on the laws of physics. But don’t get sidetracked because it’s very easy, and fun to play. Every thing is based on simple gravitational law. That is everything in the air does falls down. The whole game play is about a hungry squirrel, who is desperately looking for food. So what he does is he gets to a place where multiple nuts falls from the air. So he has to head butt these nuts to crack and eat them. Eating as many nuts within the given time period or with the given lives, helps you to reach highest score and unlock multiple hats with different powers.

This is Windows 8 game that is suitable for all ages, and is fun and addictive. Get this free Windows 8 game app from the Games Category in Windows Store; use the Windows 8 Search Charm to locate the app in Windows Store or use the  download link given at the end of this article.

Noogra Nuts - main screen

Gameplay of this Windows 8 Game app:

Downloading this game is easy, as it is quite lightweight. The game actually works quite well. The graphics are good and are in 2D; the app uses different lively colors and the squrriel is cute, specially when he wears the beer-bong hat. The game is shown from the front view. The game controls are very easy to learn, and works very well. Here are the keys and their respective actions: left arrow key to move to left, right arrow key to move to right, and space bar or mouse click to jump.

However, the gameplay is not so easy, because not only you have to head-butt and eat nuts, but you also have to doge multiple falling rocks. If it was only these rocks, then the game would have been a bit easy; but along with these rocks, you’ll also get rolling rocks, and you have to jump over them, along eating nuts. This makes the game more challenging.

Noogra Nuts - locations

There are three locations in the game: Classic, Jungle, and Survival. There’s not much of difference between these 3. In Classic and Jungle locations there’s a time limit of 2 minutes. You have to eat as many nuts as you can, in these 2 minutes. In Survival location, there’s no time limit. But you’ll get 3 hearts as  lives, and if you hit any rock then your life reduces by 1 heart. Try to eat as many nuts as possible, before all three hearts gets used up. Also, in Classic location, there won’t be a single rock, in Jungle location, you’ll get rolling rocks, jump over them and eat as many falling nuts as you can. And in Survival location, you’ll get both rolling as well as rocks falling from the sky. So you have to jump over the rolling rocks and doge falling rocks, along with eating nuts.

Noogra Nuts - gameplay

You can also buy different hats having different powers using the golden nuts, that you eat during the gameplay. To buy them, click on the Shop button on the Main Screen.

Noogra Nuts - shop

Key Features of this Windows 8 Game App:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 Game app.
  • Easy controls.
  • Cute and funny characters and good graphics.
  • Good gameplay.
  • Integrated with Windows 8 Share Charm.
  • Buy hats having different power and eat multiple nuts.

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Final Note:

Noogra Nuts, certainly is a good Windows 8 game app.  The graphics, music, and sound are all in the great row. I did really spend a lot of time playing the game, and I am sure you’ll too. As a tip don’t try to eat all nuts, specially rotten ones, because they take multiple head-butts to crack open. All the locations are completely free, and the best thing about the app is, it dosen’t requires internet connection to run. So, you can play this game any time. All in all, a must have game app for Windows 8.

Grab Noogra Nuts here.

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