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Movies By Craigsworks is a very handy and easy to-use movie library management software that truly is the ideal application for movie buffs to have on their system. The program has been designed to, not only manage a movie collection on a local hard drive, but also a network attached storage system. Once you have downloaded and setup this movie library manager, Movies by CraigWorks provides you with a useful interface that enables you to search, categorize and navigate data about any movie you may have on your system.

The best feature of this movie manager is that it provides you tons of information about the movies that you have in your movie library. It can show you Movie rating, movie release date, Rotten tomatoes rating, Yahoo rating, Box office collection, and cast of the movie. This feature itself makes it one of the best movie library managers, as compared to other similar software like Ant Movie Catalog, and Coollector.

Movies by Craigsworks

This movie manager program is also able to play your movie files. The user interface has been designed for ease of use. The top bar consists of all the navigation buttons and a search field. The lower half of the interface has two image sliders – left and right. these sliders allow you to scroll through various movie images. The top image slider lists movies in the date and time that you added the movie to the program. The bottom slider lists movies based on their video release date.

Hovering the mouse over any image will force a pop-up window to appear giving you more information about the movie. If you want to read movie information, click on either the movie title or movie’s image. At the bottom, of the interface, you will find a list of movies in your collection.

When you want to play a movie, you are able to do so by clicking on the “play” button. In situations where you are watching a series or have only watch part of a movie, there is the option of starting a movie from the last viewing position. The first three buttons, at the top of the main interface, are page navigation buttons as well as page refresher buttons; using these will allow you to move about the program with relative ease. They are also convenient when your browser’s navigation icons are not visible.

Movies by Craigsworks play movie

The option ‘Movies’ is a link to a home page in which you can search for various movies, either by genre, characters, cast, title, description or studio. Once you have selected a genre or studio; movies will be listed. Clicking on the title of a movie will take you to the movie’s details page. There is also an advance search option that will search and deliver even more details of any movies you have selected. The icon that resembles a stop-watch with an arrow, leads to the ‘play history’ page. This is the page where you can view the titles of movies, you have watched on this computer, in descending time order. The page is handy if you ever forget the movie or movies you watched a week or two earlier. You are able to add movies to this movie managing software, by clicking on the “plus” button. You will be taken to the ‘Modify Movie Page’ where you may import or manually enter movie attributes.

This movie library manager also comes with a remote control feature that lets you control that on which display you want to run the movie.

Movies By Craigsworks Remote Control

The Settings pages allows you to customize the program to your own requirements. You are able to modify the default settings, over-ride settings to suit various computers as well as change or adjust common features, like layout, font, etc.

Playing a movie is very simple. Click on the blue button and your selected movie with begin. If you see the initials ‘HD’ displayed the movie will play a Blu-Ray file. If there is no ‘HD’ initial displayed, then the movie will start in standard DVD format. The type of movie file greatly depends on available files and the preference settings of your computer. You also have the option of clicking on a movie title from the movie detail page. As mentioned earlier, you are able to watch a movie or TV series from where you left off. All you have to do is click on the ‘Play’ button, next to the movie or TV image, and it will continue playing, from its last point. This option is similar to pausing a DVD. You can also choose a different TV series episode from the season tabs.

Other features include the following:

  • The advanced search option allows you to find out more information about any particular movie.
  • Add/modify a movie. This feature lets you add to the movie library and edit the movie to your preferences.
  • The actor detail page, lets you read the profile of an actors or actors in any one particular movie.
  • Movie enhancing. this feature allows you to equalize the audio, balance the picture contrast, add or change the movie’s subtitles, change or enhance the audio track and much more.

It is clear that this free movie manager software allows you to improve your movie collection in many ways. The user interface is easily understood and followed as is the entire movie application. As mentioned above, it is the ideal software to have for movie buffs.

Download Movies by Craigsworks free. You can also check out detailed User guide here.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
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