Ant Movie Catalog: Free Software to Catalog your Movies

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Ant Movie Catalog is a free movie cataloging program that allows you to manage your movies on DVD, CD and tapes in one place. Ant Movie Catalog supports over 30 languages. Ant Movie Catalog can store the movie catalog in binary and XML format.

Here are some of the features of Free Ant Movie Catalog Software:

  • Ant Bee Movie Catalog supports multiple languages
  • Users can assign a rating to the movie within a range of 1 to 10
  • Ant Bee Movie Catalog supports two file formats including binary format or XML
  • Ant Bee Movie Catalog has a user friendly interface that is fully customizable
  • Users can always create a backup copy of the movie file
  • Users can automatically open the file instead of creating an empty one
  • You can associate .amc files with Ant Movie Catalog
  • Ant Bee Movie Catalog can store loans history
  • You can configure the program to display checkboxes, hot track, enhanced scrollbars, or movie number column
  • Hotkeys can be setup for the previous and next movie
  • The original title, translated title, original title (translated title), translated title (original title), media label can be formatted
  • Prefixes can be assigned at the end of the title including L, Le, La, Les, Un, Une, The, and A
  • You can set the location to groups above or below ungrouped items
  • You can configure the options for the list including media type, source, borrower, country, category, video format, audio format, framerate, languages and subtitles
  • You can import media label, filename as title, size and full path in URL field
  • You can import resolution, framerate, video codec, and video bitrate from video streams
  • Import audio codec, languages, audio bitrate, and subtitles from audio streams
  • You can specify the import size in string or sum formats
  • You can store picture into catalog or copy picture to catalog folder and link it to catalog
  • You can configure the picture naming preference to keep original name, use movie number or use formatted movie title
  • The catalog name can be assigned as the picture name prefix

Ant Movie Catalog is an open source movie cataloging program where its source code is available to the public.

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