SpeedDefrag: Increase Defragmentation Speed of Windows Defragger

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SpeedDefrag is a free software that increases defragmentation speed of windows defragmentation software. SpeedDefrag is based on quite a simple principle: If windows defragmentation software is the only application running on a PC, it will get more resources, and defragmentation will be faster.

SpeedDefrag is not a defragmentation software itself. When you run it, it shuts down and restarts your PC, runs disk check utility of Windows, and then runs Windows Defragmentation software. Once defragmentation is complete, it again shuts down and restarts your computer so that you can continue with your work.


To be frank, I am not sure if I would use this software. I normally let defragmentation run overnight, so it doesn’t makes a difference if it runs a bit faster. Moreover, there are tons of free defragmentation software available, that can inherently do defragmentation faster.

Still, I like the idea about SpeedDefrag, and appreciate developer on coming up with this nice concept. Give it a try if this sounds interesting.

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