Brosix Personal: Corporate Instant Messaging Client

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Brosix is a corporate instant messaging software for everyday communication required for business. There is a paid version and a free version available of this feature rich instant messaging software. The free version contains almost all the features of the paid version, but does not provides you your own IM network. What sets Brosix aside from other instant messengers is that its features are really geared towards business use, and collaboration. Apart from text chat, audio chat, and video chat; Brosix also provides file transfer, whiteboard, screen sharing, Co-Browse, and more.

Once you install this free corporate instant messaging software for your company, you will see how a business can progress with corporate instant messaging software. The paid version of Brosix helps you to create your companies own instant messaging network easily. After creating an instant messaging network, all the people working in the company will be able to maintain contact with each other right from their PC. Brosix is a perfect companion to Enterprise social network tools, and online virtual workspace tools.

If you go with free version of Brosix, you will still get all the features listed above, but you will be on general Brosix network, instead of your own personal network. This is still better than using tools like Google Talk or Yahoo Messenger for Intra-office communication, as it is more feature rich, and ensures that employees do not get distracted by chatting with their friends and family available on other IM networks.

To see what other people are doing or to see a progress of work, you don’t have to go anywhere. You can talk with any employee directly from your PC and know about any work progress. Any changes in the plan of official work or any discussion required for a project will get easy to share once you install this corporate instant messaging app in your company.


You can download Brosix personal direct from their official website. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. There is a portable version available for Windows. With this free version of Brosix, you can make free video and voice calls, share files, text chats, send screenshots and work on a whiteboard together with. There are some more features available in this free corporate instant messaging software. The navigation system of this software is very easy and you will be able to use it just like any other messenger or chatting client. Also check out L2S-IMO.

Let’s See What the Brosix Personal Has to Offer:

  • You can share your business plans or project details with other people in your company in Brosix Personal’s secure network. Brosix ensures their users safety and you can safely share any data of your company in their safe network. Even if the person you want to give a message is not online, you can leave an offline text message for him. He will receive the message whenever he comes online.
  • If you have forgotten the discussion between you and other people working in the company about an important meeting or any important data related with your project or business, you can find them in the chat history. In this way, you won’t get a chance to forget any important discussions between you and other people working in the company.
  • You can make video calls or voice calls with this free corporate instant messaging app. And, while talking about your project or meeting details, you can share the required file related with your discussion with him from your Brosix personal.
  • You can also share your screen with the contacts that are added in your Brosix Personal app. You can share screens or work on a white board together to work on a business plan. You can also update your work progress with other contacts and see what other people are doing.
  • All these features are available in this free corporate instant messaging software. You can also try a 30 day free trial of Brosix Enterprise to check out the features of the paid version.

Brosix Personal is a feature rich intra-office instant messaging client, that can greatly improve productivity of employees, and collaboration among employees.

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Works With: Windows 7, Vista and XP, Linux and Mac
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