5 Trip Planner Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 trip planner apps for Android. A trip is a great way how to unwind a bit, relax and how to have fun. Planning a trip on the other hand can be stressful, especially if it involves plane travel, layovers, dealing with bookings, tour guides, setting up activities. Keeping track of everything can be very tiring. An app on your Android phone can be a lifesaver because our phones are always with us.

Here are some of the trip advisor apps that you can use.

TripIt Travel Organizer – Free

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To use TripIt you’ll first need to register an account. It’s also possible to sign in with Facebook, Google+ and other social networks. Next step is to create a vacation plan. Multiple vacation plans can be created and managed.

What exactly can be kept track of and managed using this trip planner app can be seen on the image above. There are preset forms for adding flight info, car rental, rail, cruise, lodging, meetings, activities, restaurants, etc. Each one of these lets you type in basic information about that particular segment of travel. Select Flight from the image above and you’ll be able to type in departure times, layovers and all the other info about your flight. Same thing goes for all the other preset forms that I mentioned.

Get TripIt Travel Organizer – Free.

Road Warrior Route Planner

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Road Warrior Route Planner is a slightly different trip planning app from TripIt.

Road Warrior will allow you to create optimized routes on maps. It uses maps from Google Maps and GPS positioning to figure out where you currently are on the map. You can then tap on the map to create points of interest. App will then calculate optimized route plan so that you visit everything you’re interested in (after you tap on the Optimize button).

Get Road Warrior Route Planner.

Also have a look at Travel Organizer App For Android: TripIt.

TouristEye – Travel Guide

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TouristEye is very interesting because it gives you access to travel plans shared by other people who use this trip planner app.

To use the app, to create your own plans, you’ll need to create an account. To just go over plans that other people have posted you won’t need to create an account. Plans include time of departure, travel guides, descriptions of places that should be visited, and more.

Get TouristEye – Travel Guide.

Trip Planner

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Trip Planner takes a different approach to helping you plan a trip. It’s an app that can be used to keep check lists of everything you need when going on a trip.

Main categories of items that you can keep track of using Trip Planner are electronics, medicine, clothes, food, documents, cosmetics, life style, toiletries and you can create your own categories and also add your own items to the checklists.

Get Trip Planner.

Also have a look at Trip Planner Website with Hotel and Flight Booking: Vamo.

Roadtrippers – Trip Planner

trip planner apps android 5

Roadtrippers is a trip planner app similar to Road Warrior, only slightly more advanced. You can use the app to setup sights that you want to see.

The app will then calculate a route for you to get to all the places that you want to see, but it will also show you additional suggestions on sights that might interest you. The app is mostly US based (when it comes to suggestions that it makes).

Get Roadtrippers – Trip Planner.


I like TripIt and TouristEye the most because they are international and in case of TripIt it organizes travel information in a sensible way. Try them all and let me know what you think in comments down below.

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