5 Free Websites To Learn Names Of Animals And Birds Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to learn names of animals and birds online. You can use these websites to teach your kids in a creative and interesting manner.

We all know how computer and Internet has influenced even small kids in this day and age. Parents have had to think of various ways to keep their kids away from Internet and make them focus on their books. But what if Internet can act as a good platform to put knowledge in your kid’s head? It is a known fact that a lot of information is available online and Internet has been accepted as a new source of education by many. It caters to students of all ages; even small kids. They can learn things like basic mathematics, names of animals, birds, reptiles, and much more. So, carrying on this trend of Internet learning, I have reviewed 5 websites where your kids can learn names of animals and birds.

The 5 websites reviewed in this article are Animals Corner, Animal Vocabulary, San Diego Zoo.com, BFORBALL, and  live Animals List.

Animals Corner:

learn names of animals

The first website in this list to learn names of animals is Animals Corner. The website tells you everything from the name of an animal to its nature, where it is found, etc. However, the information is kept consistent keeping in mind the requirements of small kids. There are different kinds of animals all of them have been divided into separate categories. You can see the categories on the left hand side of your screen and choose any of them. The website also has a 4 minute long introductory video which introduces you to some of the amazing animals that exist on our planet. Try it out from the link above.

Animal Vocabulary:

learn names of animals

Moving on, the second website in this list to learn names of animals is Animal Vocabulary. This website provides you with multiple lists of animals, birds, reptiles, along with their names, images, Gender, Group name, and other information. There are separate lists for wild animals, animals that are found on farms, and animals that can be found in homes.

These lists can prove to be really helpful for all those kids who have absolutely no idea about these creatures. In fact, everyone can learn something from these lists. They run so long that I am sure all of us will find one or two animals that we did not know about.

San Diego Zoo:

learn names of animals

The next website in this list to learn names of animals and birds is San Diego Zoo. This is literally an online version of a Zoo. There are various animals, birds, reptiles etc. that you can learn about, and noises of various animals keep playing in the background.

On the home of the website, you will find all the animals, birds, etc. divided into different categories. Just click on any one of them and a list of all the animals will appear in your list. One by one images of all the animals in that list will appear on your screen. A simple click on these images will reveal all their details like name, habitat, where they are found, what they eat, and more.



The next website to learn names of animals and birds is BFORBALL. This is a platform that simply provides you with a list of animals and birds containing their names and pictures. If you click on any of the images in the list, another slide will open with an enlarged version of that image. These lists contain a lot of animals and can prove to be useful for small age kids. Try it out from the link given above.

live Animals List:

learn names of animals

live Animals List is the fifth and final addition in this list. It provides you with a list of reptiles along with their name, image, and other information. You just have to click on any of these reptiles in the list and go through their details. The most noticeable factor of this website is that it does not provide only basic details about these reptiles. There is a detailed article on every reptile and you get to know everything about the concerned animal/reptile. However, this long and detailed article on every reptile might prove to be too much for a small kid; acquaint them with only that much information that they can understand and remember.

All these above mentioned websites will help you out in making your kids learn names of different animals, birds, and reptiles. Since this information is fed to them through their favorite medium, there are good chances that this information will never be forgotten. Try them out and give us your feedback through comments.

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