5 Free Websites To Learn About Marine Animals

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to learn about marine animals. You can read about various species living underneath the ocean and get to understand them.

It will not be wrong to say that our knowledge on marine animals, at least mine, is not that great as compared to other animals we read about. Apart from some common ones like dolphins, jellyfish, etc. there is a whole bunch of animals we do not know about. These websites provide us a chance to introduce ourselves to all these sea creatures and get to know about them. This can further help in understanding the sea better and how these animals can be preserved.

The 5 free websites reviewed in this article are Seasky, Marine Bio, MarLIN, HowStuffWorks, and Dolphins-world. 


marine animals

The first website in this list to learn about marine animals is Seasky. This website introduces you to both sea and sky animals; they have been divided into two different sections. In the sea section, that we are concerned about here, you can read about various species living inside the sea. You will find a column in the Creatures of Sea section named “Sea Creature data base”. In this column various sea animals have been mentioned and their details have been provided. You can read separate notes on every animal, along with their pictures. These notes are elaborate and provide clear details on all the animals like Oarfish, Sperm whale, and more.

There is one more very interesting column that is available in this section of the website. It has been named Identification. This column includes 3D pictures of all sea animals, but only there outlines are visible. As you move your mouse over any animal, the full picture of that animal appears, and you can read their details by clicking on them.

Marine Bio:

Marine Bio

Marine Bio is the second website in this list to learn about marine animals. It is run by a non-profit organisation that provides knowledge on a lot of issues related to oceans and sea animals. There is a bunch of authors and volunteers that are working to spread the awareness to save seas and animals through this platform. You can read articles on various topics like sea pollution, marine biodiversity, sustainable fisheries, and more.

On the left hand side of the website, you will see an entire index. The Marine Species Database option in this index contains all the information on sea creatures. You can learn about the history of a particular creature, its behavior, habitat, and more. The articles also mention their current conservation status and what is being done to protect them.  The website has information on more than 7000 species.


marine animals

MarLIN is next free source of online information on marine animals. It provides you with all the necessary information on different species, and more. There are different tabs in the website and you have to go to the “Learning Zone” to read about marine animals. As on other websites, there is information about different species, how they behave, their identification features, habitat, etc. However, this information is very concise, and more information can be added for better understanding. The library of the species is quite huge and images are shown is separate gallery.

Apart from the written information on marine animals, this website has other interesting things as well. There are various quizzes and games that test your knowledge in the Activity zone. Material for teachers is also available that can be downloaded for free and used to teach students in the classrooms.


marine animals

This the fourth website mentioned in this list to read about marine animals. The link will directly guide you to the page where you can read about various species. These species, on this website, have been divided into 5 different sections. Every section includes various animals relevant to a particular category. You can read about how they live, their images, and some other details. The articles include various citations and you can read these sources as well by clicking on them. One interesting fact of this website is that it lets you print these articles. A Print button is given below every article, and you have to hit that button in order to print all the provided information.


Dolphins world

Did you know that there are 36 different species of dolphins found in the waters? Well I did not, before I encountered this website. Dolphins-world is the fifth and final website in this list to learn about marine animals. As it can be judged from the name, the website contains information on only one sea creature, i.e, Dolphins. Dolphins are easily one of the more popular sea creatures, yet there are things that we do not know about them . This website helps you to understand this creature in detail. There is information available on all these 36 different species of dolphin, where a particular specie in found, and more. You can read about their evolution, habitat, feeding habits, and more. Images and videos of these different dolphins are also available in the respective tabs. Each video has a brief introduction of dolphins mentioned in that video.

One such tab on the website is Conservation. The population of dolphins has taken a huge hit as a result of sea pollution and there is urgent need to protect this creature. This tab provides you information about worst affected species of dolphins, and what measure are being taken to protect them.

All these above mentioned websites provide you the much need information on marine animals. This information is also essential from the viewpoint that a lot of sea creatures are on the verge of extinction and their knowledge will further help in protecting them. Try them out and give us your feedback through comments.

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