5 Free Websites To Learn About Dog Breeds

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to learn about dog breeds. You can learn about the characteristics, nature, size, etc. of various breed of dogs, on these websites.

Gathering information on dogs can be for various reasons. Some do it simply because they have affection for this animal and love to know more and more about them. On the other hand, there are people who want to learn about various dog breeds before they acquire any pet for themselves. They like to know the attention a particular dog requires and whether they will be able to give them that attention or not. In both the above cases, a website where you can learn about dog breeds proves essential. It lists all the breeds of dogs and also attach information about them for you to look at. There are related articles or opinions as well as to whether a particular breed is suitable to a particular environment or not.

The websites reviewed in this article are JustDogBreeds, Breeders.net, Dogster, DogChannel.com, and dogtime. 



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JustDogBreeds is the first website in this list to learn about dog breeds online. The website has a list of 164 different dog breeds and basic information on all of them. The home page of the website has a few pointers if you are looking to buy a pet for yourself. These pointers will help you in judging the perfect dog for you according to your lifestyle, medical conditions, and conditions you live in.

Once you are through these pointers, you can click on the option to view the list of dog breeds available on this website. This list of dog breeds also has a picture attached to them, so if you have completely zero information on dogs, you can view these pictures and take your pick. The information on dog breeds include a brief summary of their nature, how they react to situations, other basic information, and some fast facts like their training efficiency, size, intelligence.


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Breeders.net is the second website in this list to learn about dog breeds. This is an interesting platform that serves a dual purpose. The website is designed to find nearest places for you where you can buy a particular breed of pet for yourself. But, there is also an information guide attached to every breed, so that you can read about the dog you wish to acquire.

The first step to read information about a particular breed is to enter your zip code, select a dog breed from the list, and hit the fetch button. You will be taken to a page where you can view the nearby places to buy that breed. On top right, there is a link that will take you to the information guide of the chosen breed. The information includes a basic description of  height, weight, color, and other important facts like their temperament, life expectancy, and more.


learn about dog breeds

Dogster is another platform where you can learn about dog breeds. This website comprises of all the information that you would like to know about dogs. There are various articles on the conduct of dogs, their habits, and what not. Among all this, there is a section where you can learn about different dog breeds. The link given above will directly take you to this page, where you can learn about dog breeds.

The information provided on this website, on various dog breeds, is very detailed and helpful. First, there is a brief introduction on their mental and physical capabilities, their nature, etc. This is followed by information like how they are to live with, their history, looks, and trademark traits. All this information is divided into different parts. There is also a picture gallery which contains multiple pictures of the concerned breed of dog.


learn about dog breeds

DogChannel.com is another platform where you get a whole lot of information on dogs. The website is entirely dedicated to this purpose and there are expert articles on every dog breed. The link above will directly take you to the page where you can select a dog breed and read available information on it. Once you have selected, you can read the basic information of the selected breed. This information includes some fast facts like their size, place of origin, height, weight, life expectancy, and more. Apart from these fast facts, there are also a couple of expert articles that you can read. These articles explain things in detail like their behavior, nature.



dogtime is the fifth and final platform added in this list to learn about dog breeds. You will find a list of various dog breeds in the Dog Breed tab of this website. The list on this website has divided dogs into various breed groups using AKC categories. You can select any of these groups, and then select a particular dog in that group, to read information on it. The information page includes all the usual data like basic stats, breed characteristics, breed history, size, personality, health, and more. The only exception is that the information on this platform is very detailed, so someone who knows nothing about that breed will stand to benefit a great deal.

So, all these above mentioned websites are a good source to gather information on dog breeds, or to learn about dog breeds for free. It is important to remember that there are certain breeds of dog that only exist in a certain environment or place & you may not have heard of them before. Thus, these are some helpful platforms to expand your knowledge in this field.

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