5 Chrome Extensions to Show Lyrics of YouTube Videos

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Here is a list of 5 Chrome extensions to see lyrics of a song playing on YouTube.

YouTube is home to millions of music videos. YouTubers usually prefer lyric videos of songs that they are fond of. But most of the times, lyric videos that the YouTube users make for others to enjoy are unavailable. Thanks to these Chrome extensions I am about to list, you won’t have to run to another site to find the lyrics. Additionally, these Youtube lyrics extensions will also eliminate the annoying situation when you have to switch between YouTube and a lyrics site all the time.

Most of these Chrome extensions give you lyrics to a song in a separate interface on the same tab of the YouTube video. One of them actually provides synced lyrics to videos. It also includes extensions that not only support YouTube, but also music streaming sites like Spotify, Jango, Google Music, SoundCloud, Last.fm, etc.


If you’re not concerned with lyrics, the music experience of YouTube can be enhanced with Jukebox. It’s a web app to share YouTube music videos with your friends. Irrespective of the type of video you watch you can all enjoy YouTube TV to give your videos a cinematic feel.


Musixmatch is a well known service that provides you lyrics to songs on your smartphone as well as on the web. Most of you know that Musixmatch gives synchronized lyrics to songs you listen on your smartphone. What you didn’t know is that Musixmatch also provides a Chrome Extension to see lyrics of songs on Youtube. Captions/subtitles of a video are customized by Musixmatch to display synchronized lyrics of a song.


Musixmatch does have limitations. There will be a considerable number of music videos that will not show their lyrics. Musixmatch will not be able to ID some music videos because of their possibly different name from the song title. The lyrics might also be unavailable if the song is quite underground. If you encounter the Musixmatch logo on the top left of the video, the synchronized lyrics will be displayed.

Read more about Musixmatch here.

Play Music Lyrics Fetcher

Play Music Lyrics Fetcher can be regarded as a crossover of Musixmatch and Lyrics Here (reviewed below). This is because it shows the lyrics to YouTube music video on a separate dock and some of the lyrics are well synchronized. This Chrome extension to add lyrics to Youtube is compatible with 11 music streaming services. Play Music Fetcher has to be launched every time from its address bar icon or by using its hotkey- Alt+Shift+L. The best feature of Play Music Lyrics Fetcher is that the lyrics can be hastened or delayed depending on the music video.

Play Music Lyrics Fetcher

In the extension’s preferences, you can turn off the timed lyrics and clear the cache of stored lyrics. If Play Music Lyrics Fetcher can’t find the lyrics, you can manually search for it in the dock.

YouTube Synchronized Lyrics

youtube synchronized lyrics

YouTube Synchronized Lyrics is just like Musixmatch. This Chrome extension shows synchronized lyrics through captions/subtitles. YouTube Synchronized Lyrics also has an adblock, unlike Musixmatch. Additionally, it also allows you to translate lyrics. If the timing of lyrics is mismatched, it can be adjusted. All of these options can be accessed from the extension’s icon on the player.

Lyrics Here

Lyrics Here is a Chrome Extension that displays lyrics of a song on different music and video streaming sites. Lyrics Here fetches lyrics of a song from more than 45 lyrics sources which includes regional and genre specific lyric hubs too. You can toggle them on or off and thus select the right sites for the lyrics to be imported from. Lyrics Here provides its services to 16 sites, which include YouTube. Lyrics sources and site specific preferences can be changed in the extension’s options.


When you open a YouTube music video, Lyrics Here dock will appear on the top right corner. It will begin to search for lyrics of the song currently playing and may ask you to authorize access of some lyric sites that haven’t been turned on. If the lyrics are wrong, you can search for the right one using the search bar on the dock.

YouTube Genius

youtbe genius

YouTube Genius is yet another Chrome Extension that displays lyrics of YouTube music videos. It fetches the lyrics of the song specifically from genius.com. Genius.com is a really good website that provides lyrics along with its meanings. The lyrics can be browsed in 3 modes. The first mode opens a new window to display the lyrics of the song on genius.com. The second mode opens a new tab beside the current tab to display the lyrics. The third mode populates the comments section with the lyrics. These modes can be activated from YouTube Genius’s extension at the top right. To activate the lyrics, click on Genius button below the video views.

Final Words

Among these Chrome extensions, my favorite one has to be Musixmatch since it provides accurately synchronized lyrics to the video. Play Music Lyrics fetcher comes second in the list because it rarely provides synchronized lyrics. However, it manages to fetch lyrics more frequently than Musixmatch. Check out these Chrome extensions to get the best sing-along experience with YouTube.

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