5 Free Websites To Find Lyrics To Songs

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Here, are 5 free websites to find lyrics to songs for those who are lyrics freak or for those who practice singing. These websites help you get full lyrics to a song, and find a song by lyrics. Lets get into details of each website.

Lyrics A*Z Universe


Lyrics A*Z Universe is one of the most popular lyrics website that helps you find lyrics to songs. A complete list of various artists has been given in alphabetical order, from where you can find lyrics to a song by just clicking on the alphabet with which the artist’s name starts. For example, if you look for “Rhythm Divine” lyrics sung by “Enrique Iglesias”, just click on the letter “E”. It will bring you all the songs sung by Enrique Iglesias, thereby letting you look for the song’s lyrics according to his album name.

In case, you do not know the artist’s name or album name, just type song name to browse around with songs related to that keyword. Go ahead and search lyrics to songs at zero cost.

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Astraweb Lyrics Search Engine


Lyrics Search Engine is a free search engine that lets you search lyrics to songs. This free lyrics search engine works like a normal search engine like Google search engine or Yahoo, however, the only difference is that lyrics search engine comes up with searches related to lyrics for songs having same keyword.

Update: Astraweb is not operational anymore. (Feb 19 2013)



Lyrics.com is another popular lyrics website that allows you to find lyrics to songs at zero cost. The songs have been categorized into three parts: Suggestions, Top Songs, and Top Artists. Under the “suggestions” category, the website brings you various songs name that you might like to know lyrics for. “Top Songs” column displays songs that are very popular in a particular country. While “Top artists”, includes names of the artists that are very popular when it comes to look for a song lyrics.

In addition, you can select a country at the right side of the page. This displays the popularity of lyrics to songs. Go ahead and look for lyrics that are popular in your country.

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LyricsFreak is yet another powerful website that lets you find lyrics to songs. This free lyrics website comes up with a complete list of songs in alphabetical order. If you click on an alphabet, it will display top 100 songs in different possible range such as ED-ED, EL-EL, EM-EN, and so on. You can click on the range which includes the first two letters of the desired song lyrics.

In addition, the navigation menu bar has categories such as “top 100”, “top new”, updates and so on. This navigation menu bar will make finding lyrics to a new song easier for you as compared to other websites. Go ahead and try out yourself.

All The Lyrics


Ending my short post with this last but of course not the least lyrics website, All the Lyrics. This website will provide lyrics to almost all the songs that the Industry has. At the top of the page, you will find a complete Artist Archive given in alphabetical form. This Artist Archive will make it easier for you to find lyrics to songs as compared to other websites.

As you click on the alphabet that includes the first letter of the name of your favorite artist, you will come across to a complete list of the respective artist’s albums along with song names. Now, you can easily look for lyrics of your favorite songs. Go ahead and know lyrics to your favorite songs in one place.

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