3 Free P2P File Sharing Software

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Here is a list of 3 free P2P file sharing software that allow you to connect to your friends through file sharing network and share files with them. As we all know, P2P stands for peer-to-peer. There are software that let you create file sharing network to share files with your friends easily.

The 3 free P2P software that I have reviewed for you in this article are GigaTribe, Ares, and Sharest. All these P2P file transfer software are completely free and offer an easy way to share large files with your friends. There is no limit on number of files or size of files that you can share. And each file can be shared with multiple persons.


GigaTribe-Ares-P2P file sharing-interface

The first P2P file sharing software in the list is GigaTribe. This P2P file sharing software is very easy to use and understand. You can easily create a file sharing network by installing the software. Then, you have to specify the files and folders that you want to share with your friends. Finally, you can invite your friends to your network. They will be able to access your files and folders once they also install the GigaTribe. This way lots of files can be shared between you and your friends, without any hindrance.

The software allows you to share unlimited number of files secretly with your friends. It creates a private file sharing network where you have to invite your friends to share files with them. You can invite up to 500 friends to share files and the files transfer process is completely encrypted. The friends in the network can download any file they want to and they can also share new files. There is also no file size limit and you can easily share heavily files as well. One more important feature of GigaTribe is that you can also resume interrupted files anytime you want.

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Ares-P2P file sharing-interface

The second P2P file sharing software is Ares. Ares is an open source file sharing network where you can network with your friends and share files with them. A community of users is available and you can start sharing and downloading files as soon as you join the community. You just have to download and install the software to be a part of this P2P file sharing network. Ares has a feature of downloading files from multiple sources. It detects all the sources of the files you want to download, and then uses all of them for quick downloading.  This file sharing network also has some great additional features. Apart from file sharing & downloading, there are chat rooms where you can make new friends and chat with them. The software also supports internet radio stations and you can host your own channels as well.

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Sharest-Ares-P2P file sharing-interface

The third and final P2P file sharing software in the list is Sharest. The software uses multi platform Gnutella P2P protocol and you are connected to a whole community of peers. The software provides fast downloading and you can filter your search by images, audio,  video, documents etc. This software also has the feature of downloading files from multiple hosts for fast downloading. It also includes advanced security features for safe downloading and you can share your favorite files with your friends. The software is also compatible with Mac and Linux and iTunes support is also added. The software contains multiple search bars and you can separately search for files globally ( in the whole network) and in your library. It provides a well organised and good looking interface.

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All these 3 P2P file sharing software are available to you for free. You can try them out to share your files with your friends and give us your feedback.

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