• Carvedblock

    You are missing Media Monkey,
    which is able to synchronize with all ipods/iphones, and even some droids and palmpre.
    It can fully substitute itunes!

    • http://www.ilovefreesoftware.com/ Ishan

      @Carvedblock: You are absolutely right, I missed that! Kinda shame as I had already reviewed MediaMonkey :) Will add that soon.

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  • Brad Grubb

    My biggest concern is that iTunes HAS folders and even sub-folders within playlists (and I have many of these), but when I sync my iPhone playlists the folder structure is completely absent! I want/need a Media Player that can transfer my folder structure over to my iPhone.


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  • http://www.copytrans.net CopyTrans

    Hi Ishan, what kind of problems did you experience with your iPod Touch and CopyTrans Manager? CopyTrans Manager is definitely compatible with all iPod Touch models including the latest iPod Touch 4G. If you need help, please contact our Support Team. Thanks!

    • http://www.ilovefreesoftware.com/ Ishan

      @CopyTrans: When I had tried this at time of writing this article, it was not able to transfer songs from my iPod touch to my Pc. However, I tried installing latest version after reading your comment, and found that it is working flawlessley. I will update the article to reflect that.

  • Cherry

    How about anapod/anapop explorer? Actually I’m looking to transfer some music videos in my 5th Gen Ipod, and anapod explorer supports video files to be transfered into Ipod. But, somehow I’m looking for another better or say an alternative to anapod explorer which can support videos also.
    So is there any software (out of these 8) like that??

    • http://www.ilovefreesoftware.com/ Ishan

      @Cherry: Try CopyTrans, that might work.

  • http://www.copytrans.net CopyTrans

    @Cherry: CopyTrans Manager has full support for video transfer.

  • http://www.copytrans.net CopyTrans

    @Ishan Will you update the article? It still says hit and miss …

  • Cherry

    Thanks a lot for the replies :-)

  • ro

    when will copytrans work with ipod nano 6th gen not only for backup but also for upload from pc to ipod?

  • Chappers

    Hi, I have always used ITUNEs but since my ipod broke a few years back and the price to purchase an iphone/pod to hold all my music is so high I am not going to get one. I am probably just going to get an HTC smartphone of some kind. I noticed some of these will load onto the ipod and then you can use it on other PC’s, will this work with any of the other smartphones?

  • paulo

    You forget the best of all!!! J river rocks but after the free trial yu have to buy it…

  • http://pornhub.com henri

    I need to transfer my music from itunes to the other ‘itunes’ please help? xx

  • http://www.checkmybody.co.uk/cholesterol.htm Bradley

    To Chappers good choice on the HTC I have the HTC desire it is excellent.

  • Kelly

    Songbird hasn’t supported iPod’s for years. Such a shame – it’s a great media player.

  • mamazee

    CopyTrans manager is free, but for full functionality for an ipod touch, it ends up being 100$+… a little for library management, a little for video stuff, etc etc…

  • http://tradehardlink.com trader

    im getting a little tried of the expense of itunes and seriously thinking about some of these alternatives this article gives me some good info to make an informed descisson. Thanks

  • Frustrated

    Great … based on the comments here, and other reviews I downloaded Media Monkey. As soon as I hooked up my shuffle it went into “auto-synch” (no chance to say yea or nay) and promptly erased all the content on my shuffle. It did not add the content to my library … it is simply gone! No matter what I do I cannot add content back to the shuffle. The help files offer no help at all. I guess you get what you pay for.

    By the way the shuffle is fine … if I go to a friends computer running iTunes I can add content and it will play. Why the heck can’t these media players utilize simple drag and drop features like the rest of the computing world (and some medial players that unfortunately will not support Apple’s quirky hardware)?

  • http://koowie.com Koowie

    These are all good options!

  • rod

    GUys, in my opinion, Media Moneky is too complicated, Copytrans solved all my itunes problems LOL,, btw, please help me , cause I want game sin my itouch and my iphone , where do i get free games? is there an itunes alternative that can transfer games to the mentioned deivec, i appreciate your response.

  • TommyS

    I don’t see how any of these apps can be called “replacements” or “alternatives” for iTunes. NONE of them offer management of apps or contacts/calendar sync, most don’t even manage podcasts or videos, and one or two even require that iTunes be installed so the third party app can use Apple’s libraries and DLLs.

    These apps are nice. Several are even brilliant. But all they do is manage music. As much as I would love to (and, boy, would I LOVE to) I won’t be able to “replace” iTunes until they start looking at iDevices as more than mere music players. Give me something that handles every piece of content on my iPod, or your app means nothing.

  • Karl

    I think i will go for win amp- mostly pissed at “cant find file” and “need to authorize” errors with itunes- I know the fixs for these but its just not worth my time having to do them over and over and……

  • Dane

    Tommy, I can only agree. There are plenty of players, copiers and transfer programs but the point is that a true alternative would replace rather than handle elements. It’s the whole of iTunes that’s slow, rigid and way too big. A true alternative would be a winner

  • Darin

    I don’t see the point. iTunes does everything that the paid versions of media monkey and winamp and iTunes is free. Unless I’m missing something. Obviously I’m looking for a new player/media manager which brought me here, but I can’t find anything that’s free and offers the same stuff itunes does.

    • knight1

      The point is to get around annoyances like I mention here: http://eternian.wordpress.com/2012/02/18/knights-personal-life/

      And your comment is quite silly and you really are missing the obvious: using your logic if one software can do it all, then don’t try others. Are you serious? iTunes didn’t pop out of no where, technology comes about these days entirely from what was learned about others. There would be little to no improvement if people just had the thought, “But this does it all for me, why try anything else?” Are you a communism lover too?

  • cam

    Copy Trans is listed a FREE. However it is not FREE. Why would they list themselves as FREE when there is a fee to use it?

  • iphone tips and tricks

    Nice Review. Personally I prefer copyTransManager. There is an extensive list of softwares both free and paid. As far as i have tested, all the free softwares work well too. But it cannot copy files from iPod to computer. iTunes alternative / iPod Manager | doubletwist | songbird | sharepod | copyTransManager

  • Nat

    Hi, why does it say for Sharepod, and I quote: “One of the best feature of Sharepod is that you can install it directly on your iPod, so you can run it on any computer that does not have iTunes installed.” and when I try to download it on my computer, it says “Requires iTunes 10 or later”. I’m trying to find an alternative to iTunes that doesn’t require iTunes ever being installed in the first place because my computer doesn’t support iTunes as I have Windows Home Premium :( PLEASE HELP ANYBODY