• Jimmy32

    Tunlr biggest advantage is that it’s free. Unfortunately tunlr has a big disadvantage too. The disadvantage is that Tunlr does not guarantee the availability of their DNS services. About DNS solution, I am using Unotelly. It’s not free but its cheap and their service is great. I had few problems to install unotelly to my ps3 because I was a beginner in these types of technology. I mailed them and they answered me immediately with very helpful information. If anyone searching for a guaranteed and stable DNS service I suggest him/her to give a try with unotelly.

    • roket_fire

      I just read on tunlr’s blog that they are removing support for netflix. I mean seriously ? I guess only netflix kept their service running. Looks like I have to use unotelly after all.

      • Vlad

        Yes, that’s sad. It’s probably because they are out of financial resources. Last days I hear a lot of possitive things about unotelly. I was searching for a tunlr alternative and I came across them. Got a trial and I’m testing it now.

  • LuckBryan

    Tuner is good software but, you can try Hotspot Shield as well. It offers both a Free and a paid Elite version.
    Check it out hare: http://www.hotspotshield.com

  • Lucusa

    Tunlr no longer works on netflix. Check out UnoTelly which is a great alternative. It is offering 50% off for Tunlr users: http://unotelly.com/unodns/iheartnetflix