Domain Name Server Benchmark: Free DNS Performance Measuring Tool

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Domain Name Server Benchmark is a free DNS performance measuring tool to find out the efficiency of Local and Remote Domain name servers. The performance of Domain name servers are extremely crucial to a hassle free web browsing, since these are the the servers that map the IP addresses against the more convenient domain names. And to optimize them , their performance has to be measured in the first place. And that’s where you need this free DNS performance measuring tool.

Domain Name Server Benchmark (DNS) is one such DNS benchmarking software to exactly measure the performance of the Domain name servers, either local or remote.

This free DNS nameserver performance measuring software is capable of performing a detailed analysis of as many as 200 Domain name servers simultaneously. The operational performance and reliability of these Domain name servers are checked for in this process.

DNS Benchmark queries the  Domain name servers, the  top 50 domain names in the internet and records the response  times of each of them. At the end of this process , each result is interpreted in the form of a bar chart that aids in clear understanding and comparison.

DNS Benchmark

The user adds a DNS server using the IP address and he/she can choose to view the owner , Name , Status of  each of these servers that are added on to the list for comparison. A complete “conclusions” report is generated that summarizes all the results and also makes useful suggestion for the changes that can be made.

One of the good uses of this DNS benchmarking software is to decide if you want to stick with your ISP’s DNS, or if you want to use other DNS, like, OpenDNS or Google Public DNS.

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Some of the Remarkable Features of Domain Name Server Benchmark are:

  • Light weight software to use.
  • Intuitive interface that provides a clear interpretation of  the performance of as many as 200 Domain Name servers simultaneously.
  • Capable of being scheduled.
  • Optional automatic logging of results.
  • Complete error codes that support full automation .
  • A comparative analysis of the DNS servers that are available on the internet so that the user can use it and find out the best server to connect to.
  • The logged results can be saved as a CSV file for future references.

All these features make DNS benchmark, an efficient software to measure and compare the performance of Domain Name servers across the internet.

DNS Benchmark is compatible on all the Windows systems, from the ones that run Windows 95 to windows  7. Also it is capable of being run on Windows emulation (Wine) in Linux and Macintosh machines. The size of the executable is just about 160 Kilo Bytes and it can be downloaded and run easily.

Download Domain Name Server Benchmark to measure the exact performance of local and remote DNS nameservers.

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