• Tiger

    I’m totally pissed off. You’re writing posts on programs but never ever give links to the downloads or the developers, that’s rude! But that was fine, I can google it for myself. But you keep writing about sw that is NOT freeware, like this one! Audio Sliders, just like most of the codesector wares are shareware: some of them crippleware, some of them are 30-day-trials! I used to be subscribed to your feed, but no longer. You guys are selling crap!

    • http://www.ilovefreesoftware.com/ Ishan

      @Tiger: I am really sorry to read about your frustration. Let me clarify on each of the points that you have mentioned:

      1) Links to the software: If you notice, there are links for Home page as well as Download page at end of article. This is consistent throughout the website. This is done to ensure that regular readers like you can quickly scroll over to links, instead of looking for them in the article itself.

      2) Not a freeware: Audio Sliders is a freeware. It has a paid version as well which has some additional features, but we have reviewed only the free version. To be doubly sure, I downloaded this software again, and did not get any message for 30-day trial, and I am able to use this software properly.

      3) Please note that I am really not trying to sell anything here. I am not getting any money or help of any sort from publisher of this software. If you check the links, you will see they are not Affiliate links. I have no vested interest in reviewing any crapware, so I do not waste my time or time of my readers in reviewing them.

      I hope this removes any frustration that you had. Let me know if I can do anything else to make your experience better on this site.

      • joe


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