• http://www.ticketleap.com Lauren

    TicketLeap is another free online event management system for event organizers. The platform is deeply integrated with social media and easy to set up! Check us out at http://www.ticketleap.com.

  • http://zorros.be Jeroen De Paepe

    Fikket is another one … We don’t even charge a commission for paying events. Fikket is 100% free …As far as we know we are the only software that is completely free one?!
    Check it out http://www.fikket.com

  • Scott Parker

    Participant.co.uk is another one. It is free to register, cheaper than the six above and they transfer your event income before the end of the event.

    I find this useful as I can use my event income to pay for the venue, staff etc….

    • http://www.ilovefreesoftware.com ishan

      @Scott Parker Looks interesting. Will check out in details. Thanks for sharing :)

  • Graham8

    EventHoller is another awesome (actually) free event management site I’ve used, and it has a bunch of sweet features. It doesn’t charge per ticket or a percentage of anything, it’s legitimately free event management, and it has a great ticketing system too.

    • Jennifer1234

      thanks for the suggestion just checked out the site!

  • PaulKim

    Graham8, i just checked out the site, it’s actually a pretty good website, I wouldn’t usually be commenting on a forum like this, but the site is actually very useful, and I really liked the fact that it was free. Thanks for your recommendation. 

  • dialus

    It is good post.Thank you so much.

  • elenaleksandra

    Thank you!