• http://www.culinarytopics.com Jean – Culinary Topics

    Nice article.
    I use dlvr.it to post my RSS to Twitter.

  • http://www.tenuouslinks.co.uk Melvis

    Feedburners socialize feature for Twitter seemed to stop working on 28th May 2011

    Here’s a couple of examples:



  • ImmaDaman

    Thanks for the reviews! Good info!

  • Sean A. Flesch

    The biggest problem for me with these services, with the possible exception of ping is they took 15 minutes minimum (dlvr.it) and up to an hour (hootsuite) to sync. I’m looking for real-time or close to real-time. My project may be useless with out it.

  • Rick Ramirez
  • backlinks_free

    Everyone should be aware that all of these free services will only tweet your RSS feed when your feed is updated. Each time they check your RSS feed they are looking for something different. They will tweet the latest entry. In other words you need to keep adding posts/new content to your blog/site to make sure they keep sending RSS tweets.

  • http://feed140.com TateBurns

    Hi there,
    Another great tool for connecting a RSS-to-Twitter that is just comming out of beta is over at http://Feed140.com
    I would really love if you could do a review of it too.
    Thanks, Tate

  • JohnDiguit

    Your should mention http://engator.com too. It’s free (invitation only yet).
    I use it to send my rss feeds to twitter and facebook.

    • http://www.ilovefreesoftware.com/ Ishan

      @JohnDiguit: We have been using Dlvr.it and it is working very well. The best part of the service is that we are able to use it with our custom short URL (ilfs.co). I have requested an invite for engator to check it out; let’s see when I get it. If you are able to share invite, please send to ishan@ilovefreesoftware.com

    • Justin

      It’s preaty cool because is user friendly