• Piolo

    There is an other tool more useful as packet sniffer and paket dissector its name is Xplico: http://www.xplico.org and it if free (open source).

  • ADLConsulting

    If you’re interested in packet capture, you might want to take a look at Omnisterix. Their website says it’ll be available as freeware soon, and from the screen-shots and bumpf, it looks really good! Take a look at their website: http://www.omnisterix.com

  • OneHappyTaco

    I have a question. The password sniffer only work on the wifi your connected to so I need one where i can either put in an ip address and it will work on that or be able to connect to it and then use the password sniffer normally. Please reply soon! phoenixnoah670@yahoo.com

  • OneHappyTaco

    I need a packet sniffer that works with wifi I am not using. Is there a program I can connect to ip addresses and then use the password sniffer?

  • Ray Tan1

    I will try them on my network to find out who is downloading files from internet.
    Thank you.