Download MSN MoneyCentral Stock Quotes Add-In for Excel

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MSN MoneyCentral Stock Quotes Add-In for Excel is a free Microsoft Excel add-in that pulls stock quote data directly from MSN Money. Using this free excel add-in, you can track stocks directly in excel, and see lot of stock data for companies. This free plugin works in Excel 2002, and above. Then you can directly see the information about your stocks directly in excel, and will not need to use stock tracking software like JStock, or AceStock.

MSN MoneyCentral Stock Quotes Add-In is extremely easy to use. Start by downloading the plugin. The download size is less than 1 MB. Just double click on the file, and it will install the plugin. The plugin will show up as a small toolbar in your Microsoft Excel.

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To track stock quotes, just select “Insert Stock Quotes” option from the toolbar. In this, insert the symbol of the stock, and select the type of stock data that you want to use.

MSN MoneyCentral Stock Quotes Add-In can show following data about a stock:

  • Stock Price
  • 52 Week High
  • 52 Week Low
  • Ask Price
  • Ask Size
  • Bid Price
  • Bid Size
  • Company Name

.. and lot more

To update this information at any time, just click on the update button.

This plugin is great if you have Microsoft  Excel. If you have OpenOffice or IBM Lotus Symphony, then you are out of luck :)

A great use of having this information directly in excel is that you can easily do all sort of analysis on your stocks. For example, you can setup an excel in which you can record your stock transactions. In that, you can also use this plugin to show the latest price of stocks, and % profit or loss. This would let you easily track at any point of time that how are your transactions doing.

Editor Ratings:
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Works With: Microsoft Excel 2002, and above
Free/Paid: Free
  • francois

    It seems to be nice but the download link does not work : /
    Where can I find it ?

  • Sanford

    Doesn’t work. I really need this program. None of the links found here or on general search work.

    Did MS or MSN do away with this?

  • John F.

    According to Google cache, the MS page was there as recently as Feb 1, 2010. Gone now.

    MS has a similar-looking Office add-in called “Stock Actions for the Research Task Pane” here:

    • @John: Thanks for this information. This one works with Office 2003 only. Anything similar for other versions of Office?

  • Jack

    The MSN MoneyCentral Excel Add-in works in Excel 2007.

    Microsoft appears to have removed the link to the download page from the web.

    Having lost my Excel installation and searching for almost a month for the download, I was finally able to locate the file on the following web page:

    look for the following file: msnsq.exe

    After downloading, I was successful in installing and running in Excel 2007,

    Good luck!

    • mof


  • Philippe

    Many, many, many thanks Jack.

    I was discouraged to have no more the prices of stock exchange.


  • bryan

    Thanks Jack! you saved me a bunch of time

  • barring

    thanks! works with 2010. Things should not be this difficult,. Appreciate your help.


  • Chris

    works great thanks jack!

  • Tor

    As of 11/3/10 the file msnsq.exe appears to have been removed from this site.


    Has anyone else found any other site for an Excel add-in for stock prices that works with Excel 2010?

  • Mark

    Tor, it’s on the site that Jack lists, just not in alphabetical order.

  • Mouffi

    In Excel 2003, this is not working when Chrome is set as default browser !
    When IE is set back as default browser, it is working again.

    Does someone have solved its use with Chrome ?

  • lakews

    Jack thanks, why is it so difficult to find the link, works with excel 2007

  • Adam

    Jack, you rock

  • Humphrey

    Jack, you just save me a whole bunch of time.

    Thank you!

  • Babak

    Thanks Jack!! You saved my life! :-)

  • John

    Does anyone know how to get a quote for VIX options using MSNquote? I use it for all options, but this one does not work. Not with symbol VIX, VIX.X, $VIX, etc. Perhaps MSN does not provide VIX quotes. Is that true?

  • Timothy Bishop

    Sure wish I could actually see these discussions with full solution descriptions?!?

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