JStock: Manage Portfolio and Get Free SMS Alerts for Stocks

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Works on: Windows, Linux, Mac, and Solaris

JStock is an amazing free software to manage your complete stock portfolio, and get free SMS alerts for your pre-defined indicators for your stocks. This is a full featured and versatile software to manage all aspects of your stocks. It works for more than 20 countries. You can get live stock prices, get price history of your stocks for 10 years, add your stock transactions, manage dividends, and so much more. I am really surprised that this software is completely free.

Here are the countries that JStock works for (as of writing of this article):

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United State

United Kingdom
United State

Let me briefly lay out the features of JStock for you:

Real Time Info:

JStock Real Time Tracking of Stocks

JStock can show real time stock prices from multiple markets in the world. You can choose stocks from the markets that you track, add those here, and JStock will show you real time stock prices for those. You can click on any particular stock to get more info. JStock is also good for day traders. It can show Intraday stock price movement, captured at the interval of 10 seconds. This is really cool.

Portfolio Management:

JStock Track Stock Portfolio

You can track your complete Portfolio of stocks in JStock. You can store your each individual buy and sell transactions, add a sticky note with each transaction, and even manage your dividend information. JStock will show you the complete details of your Portfolio – current price of each stock, and profit/gain on each. You can see the details for each transaction, or get rolled up data at stock level.

Free Stock Alerts:

JStock Free SMS Alerts for Stocks

This is the part that I love most about this software. You can set up multiple alerts for stocks in JStock. You can set a pre-defined buying or selling point for a stock as an indicator. Or, you can also choose to define a completely custom indicator for you. Whenever some indicator is achived, JStock sends an alert to you. There are 3 ways JStock can alert you:

  • Free SMS: JStock can send a free SMS to using SMS feature provided in Google Calendar. Check out the details here.
  • Email: You can choose to receive an email when your criteria is met.
  • System Tray Notification: JStock can also pop up a small notification window in your system tray about your indicator.

Having such indicators are really handy. For example, I can use such indicators to track when some stock has reached my predefined price, and then I can immediately sell it.

Apart from all the great features above, JStock also provides nice charting features. It also comes with a built-in chat functionality using which you can chat with other online users.

JStock is really a great software. I hope my broking company had given me a desktop application like this. Just love it.

Download using links at the end.

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