• http://www.project-tracking.org Christian

    Thanks for the great list and this blog.

    I am a Project Manager since 10 year and do Web-Development with Ruby on Rails during my free time.

    So I decided to combine both and developed: TRACKER.
    TRACKER is using a similar approach as Liquid Planner by combining PERT estimations with EVM; http://www.project-tracking.org.

    I have no financial interest, but I would like to find out how to
    proceed. So if there is anybody out with ideas or wants to share his
    opinion, please don’t hesitate to contact me or to post a comment here.

    Christian – http://www.project-tracking.org (pmsfriend(at)googlemail.com)

  • kenneth

    I would like to recieve updates about this site in my email.

    best regards

  • Isabelle

    And don’t miss express planner, freeware and will always remain :)

  • TT Raja

    I am using GANTT Project. Recently updared to GANTT Praha Beta.
    In this new version, the printing is bad. Always the bottom half of the sheet never get printed. This part is totally masked black. Any solution is possible?

    TT Raja

  • http://www.dvdfort.com Alfredo Carr

    Hi There Binny,
    Cool Post, Whereas dealing with big tasks, Venture Management Software program Options come handy when anything is protected underneath – all in 1, for illustration, the cost-reducing, budgeting, scheduling, applying totally different software’s, and so on for delivering high quality solutions to potential customers. These software’s are in various sorts of forms as for each the requirement of the person, like desktop users, on the web (internet-dependent), single person, collaborated, built-in or for particular use.
    Keep up the posts!

  • Lucian Ioan

    If you are also interested in low price alternatives to MS Project then RationalPlan is a viable solution:

  • http://www.google.com Arvind

    GANTT project is a BAD piece of software. Very defective. Very buggy. Not fully functional.

  • ChyngysBarynov

    you can also use Worksection.com, we’ve got absolutely free plan

    • http://www.ilovefreesoftware.com ishan

      @ChyngysBarynov Looks good. Will try to review it sometime.

  • http://www.getapp.com Project Management Tools

    Choosing the right project management software tool can be hit or miss. Who has time to try each one to determine what best suits your team’s needs?  You can save a lot of time comparing them all at once rather than trying each one. Just go to http://www.getapp.com/project-management-software and comparing them based on user reviews and unique features each tool offers. 

  • Robert Miles

    Another one to the consider is Comindware. It’s web-based soft too with alot of individual options and the function of real time reporting. Very easy to use and apply. http://www.comindware.com/

  • Jeff Wenzel ‏

    Proofhub is another great project management tool. It offers tools for
    scheduling, task management, online proofing, live chat, gantt chart, events, calendars, milestones and much more.