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phpBMS is free business management software that allows business to manage their business online with the easy sales entry order system. With phpBMS, users will be able to create and print sales orders, keep track of existing and prospective clients, complete the requirements of the account receivable, and print detailed sales and purchase reports.

phpBMS runs on Linux platform and uses Apache as its web server. phpBHS uses MySQL as its database management system. This free web-based business management software is written in the PHP programming language. Other free web-based business management software includes OnePlace and Glasscubes.

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Here are some of the features of phpBMS, the free business management software:

  • phpBMS is free web-based business management software that is based on the LAMP stack
  • phpBMS is a free business management software that utilizes a full quote/order/invoice system
  • phpBMS allows you to export the billing documents in PDF format
  • phpBMS shows detailed accounting totals in the reports
  • The main screen gives you a snapshot of the event reminders, new clients, new sales orders and workload
  • You can create unlimited product categories to add your products
  • The save search feature allows you to save a search term to use in future search result
  • You can track sales orders, recurring invoice, AR items, receipts and discounts
  • You can create new records for item analysis, shipping methods, payment methods and invoice statuses
  • You can create reminders in the form of notes, tasks and events
  • phpBMS displays a quick view of the existing clients according to type, has credit and name/location

phpBMS is free business management software with no fee or subscriptions necessary, similar to accounting tools like GNUCash and Buxfer.

Editor Ratings:
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Works With: LAMP
Free/Paid: Free
  • David Sterry

    Do you use phpBMS? There isn't really anything Apache or GNU/Linux specific about it and I think it's a good option for a small business that doesn't want to go the QuickBooks or proprietary software route. Disclaimer: I developed a module for it called Time Entry that makes it easier to use for service-based businesses and I just spent quite a bit of time writing documentation in their wiki. Stop by the phpbms forum if you try it out and have a suggestion or problem installing it.

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