• Paige

    How about CalendarCruncher.com?? It is simply for families to use, it is incredibly intuitive and any one in the family can use it! There are multiple calendars in one interface which allows you to view or hide any calendar at any given time. CalendarCruncehr.com also plays well with other calendars, meaning it will sync with just about any other calendar out there!! Check it out, and I promise you will love it.

  • Rob

    http://www.FamilyTimePlanner.com, while not free itself, does have a free version that is accessed through Facebook. The Facebook version is available at http://apps.facebook.com/familycalendar. It will let you invite your friends to see your calendar, all completely embracing Facebook for its security.

  • TiaGannon

    PlumLife.com is a new online family calendar that simplifies your hectic life: managing schedules, to-do lists, babysitters and much more all from one place. It even communicates with the people in your network, notifying them of events or important information for you.
    PlumLife is free and easy to use. It is a great tool for busy moms, dads and people in the working world. 

  • Janesmil

    I recently found this site http://www.jempler.com.  It looks pretty cool.  It is a nice interface i.e. drag-an-drop.  Also, I can see my tasks in the calendar.  They also make it easy to schedule activities with people outside our family.  Its great that I don’t have to share my whole calendar.  This works well in our family.