• slytherin90

    .. i didnt know someone did a review of my program ^_^ WOW.. i really love how you did the review.. Thumbs up..

    contact me if you want to have my beta release

  • Sangeeta Kardam

    Hi rychan..
    Thanks for Pointing out. We have changed the homepage link and now you can download Wattpad2Any from Softpedia.com

    • slytherin90

      … you should have contacted me -_-..

    • Vincent

      It is WORKING????

  • Zyrah Malalis German

    hi can i ask something .. i’ve been trying downloading stories .. but how come there’s this window always appears saying that there’s a problem occur .. and i have to send the log to the developer ? so where can i send it ?

  • mark tobi

    i can download the any story , because some error appeared , sames as zyrah malalis german , pls help thank you

  • yerin

    I can’t download any story because the ‘error’ appeared. help me please..